Chapter 5(The girl with endless talents)

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Silence was all that was around the field. Everyone were trying to process at what just happened. No one could believe at the fact of how a magic less boy defeated a strong opponent. With nothing but a sword that looked strange to the eye.

"Unlike you Sekke..."" Asta continued, "I didn't come here to join the magic knight so I can have fun." He swung the sword around his head, "I've got a much bigger goal, I'm gonna become the wizard king!"

William's eyes then narrowed to Asta and his Grimoire.

That Grimoire...

"Hey!" Yami smirked.

Isabella gives a pleased smile as she leaned on the wall, holding her head.

He's not the one who's going to defeat you, Asta. Yuno smirked, I am!

"Is that a magic sword?"

"So he's not some poor reject from the streets."

"What's his deal?"

"Who is he?"

"And that stuff he says about the wizard king?"

"That's right!" Asta yelled, "You heard me? I'm gonna be the wizard king, you got it? Got a problem with that?"

The crowds began to murmur laughter.

"He's gone officially nuts."

"Him the wizard king? Talk about illusions of ranger."

"He's so out of touch of reality, I almost feel sorry for the guy."



Isabella just sighed as she rested herself against the wall; this was going to be a long day.

"People would never understand such things." Isabella muttered to herself, "The entire world's system is based on magic. The strongest lives while the weakest dies. Or in other, words, the nobles are the best while the commoners are... well... commoners."

Soon other matches were held. Few nobles fought amongst one another, making the commoners awe. Few of the commoners were getting nervous while Asta was getting excited and pumped up. Through her blind sight, Isabella watched the match.

Yuno was fighting a noble who was the heir to a wealthy noble family of the Hapshass. Just with Yuno's magic ability and him being chosen by the four leaf clover, the young commoner was able to defeat the noble with ease. The crowd was going nuts regarding this. The captains were impressed by this.

Isabella smiled happily for the four leaf clover boy. If I remember correctly, the first wizard king also had a four leaf clover. I wonder how strong he was...

"Excuse me?"

Isabella turned to her right to see a man with wild red hair approaching her with a small smile. She sent her waves indicating his faint appearance. His white color indicated he was human. She could make out that he was a male and was wearing something that looked fancy. Was he a noble?"

"May I have the honor to fight you?" he gave a fake smile.

Isabella just nodded as they both head towards the arena.

One of the contestant gasped, "Hey, it's Tyler. Tyler valor from the noble family of the valor."

"I heard that he burns out any strong commoner with his fire magic."

"Yeah, and I heard he's the heir to his family, after he proved to be stronger than his older brother."

"Whoa! No kidding!"

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