Chapter 21(Escorting the Hapshass noble)

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It's been two months since Isabella and Yuno joined the Golden Dawn squad. A lot had happened while they were together. Isabella was well respected by the higher ups of Golden Dawn as she saved Captain William Vangeance's life from life threatening poison.

They were even able to find the culprit of the poison as it was one of the chefs that once served William's noble house from the order of his foster mother. William showed no remorse to anyone, but deep down he was hurt as Isabella could indicate.

Every day, Isabella was handed grocery shopping and helping the citizen out. She enjoyed these small missions and errands as she sees the motive in helping the people. It also made her recognized among the nobles and commoner. She was able to spread joy around her and bridge the gap between nobles and commoners in it.

She even helped Doctor Owen in making the date antidote that saved William. During her grocery shopping, she would also meet Patri who would help her out and spend time with.

The elf indeed enjoyed the girl's company, always having little spars with her. Like William, the human elf too sees Isabella as if she was his own child.

Isabella grew more close to Mimosa and Yuno as they hang out more. Mimosa was more of her big sister while Yuno was her big brother.

Isabella was able to form a good friendly relationship with Alecdora and Langris. Even though she was a commoner, they respected her well enough to be a savior of William. She would sometimes be seen around the headquarters, helping them out or exchanging words

Right now, Isabella was in a mission with Yuno, Mimosa and Klaus to escort the nobleman's son, Salim de Hapshass, the same narcissist buffoon that challenged Yuno at the entrance exam. In the end, the idiot lost miserably. Isabella could only feel complete happiness for the four leaf clover boy.

Spending time with Yuno also made her realize of how much her soul and his matches. The same thing was also with Asta too. She wondered if she was somehow related to them in any way. But she needs to dig out more to figure out the truth.

As they flew on their respective brooms, they had Salim de Hapshass sitting on a carriage ride made by Klaus' steel magic. Klaus narrowed his eyes as he remembered the conversation he had with William Vangenace.


William stood with his back turned away from the main hall facing the Golden Dawn symbol glass.

Klaus bowed in his knees, processing what William just asked him to do.

"The son of the noble congress Hapshass? And we are to accompany him to the Heart Kingdom, but why?" Klaus asked.

William turned to face him with a smile, "You are familiar with the congressman of the Hapshass?"

"Only with his name." Klaus bowed his head in thoughts, "I've heard he's considered a bit of an upstart. It doesn't seem he's very fought off."

"This gives him additional reason to worry about bandit attacks on his son, as the lad sets of abroad to the heart kingdom. Wouldn't you think?"

"Yes but, surly the Hapshass family has plenty of strong magic users employ..."

"It seems he will only rest if his son is guarded by a well known magic knight squad. The congressman is quiet generous is donation in annual knights of the magic knight squads and serving official governments is part of our duties. Any objection?"

Klaus eyes widened in alarm, looking up at the Captain, "No! None, sir."

William gave a small chuckle, walking down the stairs, "Carry out a missions you are given. The good of the clover kingdom must always be our priority."

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