Chapter 11(a poison to fight)

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"WHAT IN THE WORLD, WILLIAM!" Patri screamed as he stomped his feet inside of William's mind. Only darkness surrounded him, "Why do you have to so accepting at things when you don't even know the consequences, you dumbass!"

Patri's words were gibberish to William as his eyes were half closed, his visions blurry. The other golden dawn members were on their feet, gathering towards the captain. He felt his body moved, with Alecdora being closed to him. Alecdora hold onto him, placing his head over his lap.

Isabella reached the hall only to see the Captain on Alecdora's lap, half unconscious. The other senior members trying to help him up.

"Captain!" Alecdora screamed, "Open your eyes!" no response.

"Call the doctors too!" the vice-captain, Langris yelled.

Isabella rushed to the captain's side. She tried to touch him, only for Alecdora to push her out of the way.

"Get out of the way, commoner!" Alecdora growled.

"Save your breath, noble." Isabella blind eyes began to glow bright golden, much to Alecdora's fright. She then glared at Langris also gave her a murderous glare.

"Get the hell out of here rat!" Langris growled.

Isabella ignored the spatial mage and hold out her right hand over William's mouth. Before anything can happen, she was pushed out of the way, with two senior members holding onto her arms from preventing her to flee.

With a dark glare, shadowing his eyes, Langris approached Isabella menacingly.

"Know your place well, blind slum rat. "He hold out his hand forward, a dark blue spatial ball began to form. Isabella just faces it with her dull blind green eyes.

Yuno ran to help Isabella, only for Klaus to catch him, "You cannot help her. She got herself in that mess."

Yuno gritted his teeth, "but she's in danger! What wrong did she did?"

Klaus gritted his teeth, "enough! A commoner like you has no right to question us nobles."

Langris launched his attack, going straight to the blind girl. Isabella silently stares at it. The purple color in her vision dashed towards in slow motion.

The spatial attack stopped an inch by her face.

Langris' eyes widened in shock, "What?"

The attack remained at its place. It was shown to be held in a pinkish dark purple orb, the attack was wrapped in musical notes from the inside of the orb.

"Music creation magic: Barrier of void."

Isabella gave a monotone stares at the orb glowing in front of her. The spatial attack within the orb, tied up by musical notes. The blind girl then looks down at her arms that were held by the other two senior members. She sent out a small shock wave of light, stunting them both. They both feel to the ground, trying their best to remove the pain.

Isabella approached the vice-captain, who gritted his teeth in disbelief and fear. He again raised his hands to send out another attack. He threw his hand, launching it, only for Isabella to make a light barrier around her as the attack hit her.

"Stop wasting your powers and help me out." Isabella gave a straight forward look, "The Captain needs our help."

She again approached Alecdora and William, who was lying on top of Alecdora's lap. She gave a reassuring smile to Alecdora, "It will be fine." She reached her right hand over the Captain's mouth.

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