Chapter 7(The road she chooses)

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"Number 166."

Isabella sighed, here goes nothing.

She walked forward, looking ahead. The captains stared at her, exchanging glances.

Yami then stood up from his seat, "Hey kid!" Isabella looks at Yami's direction, "Are you blind?"

Behind Isabella the crowd began to murmur.

"She's blind?"

"No way!"

"If so, then how is she even taking the exams?"

Isabella remained calm, looking at the said captain.


The captains gasped in surprise.

The crowd further murmured.

"What the hell!?"

"She's blind!?"

"How the hell can she see if she's blind?"

"She's faking it!"


Isabella's opponent Tyler began to scream from behind, "SHE'S JUST TRYING TO GET HERSELF IN THE BEST SQUAD!"

"Yeah, that makes more sense!"


Asta was getting angry, "HEY, STOP THAT!"

"It's alright, Asta."

Asta turns to see Isabella. He lightly gasped to see Isabella having a small smile spread on her face.

"Even if I have a disability that won't lead me anywhere that doesn't mean I'll give up." She turned to him with a smile, "I'm not done yet."

Asta then grinned to her. Yuno just sent out a small smile.

"Do we have any hands?" The announcer asked.

Tyler gritted his teeth and stomp towards the front "I demand that this girl should be out of this stadium! A pathetic excuse of blind girl like her does not deserve to be here-"

"That's enough!" William voiced out in a deep frown, "This will be our decision to make! And who told you to be at front? Only the ones we have called out are suppose to be here. Your number hasn't come out yet. I suggest you get back in the crowd. Now!"

Tyler nervously gritted his teeth and sends a glare to Isabella who was looking straight to the direction of the captains.

"You are nothing more than a weak, sultry and a pathetic excuse of- ahh..."

He felt his eyes getting heavier, as he falls down to the ground, flat. The others exclaimed watching in worry. Some of the recovery mage came and brought a straighter.

Isabella gave side glance, "And you are nothing more than an insufferable, arrogant and a disgraceful excuse of a human. Know your place well. Universe tends to play terrifying fates with others. Don't fall in the darkness."

The captains remained silent for a while, glancing at one another. William's lips parted in surprise, he knew Isabella was the one who made Tyler unconscious. He noted the musical waves she gentle sprayed in his face, causing him to sleep.

Yami blow out some smoke, This girl is something else entirely. Her Qi... it's so... ominous. Like something I can't even describe. It' not hate or happiness. It's just... complete...

"Number 166... no- huh?"

Soon a hand was raised. It was Dorothy Unsworth's hand.

I know that she was the cause of my awakening. She thought as she stared at the girl, I would need her in my squad.

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