Chapter 30(Meeting the Silver Eagles)

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"Here you go."

William handed over a letter which was heavily decorated with ribbons and glitters to Isabella. The blind girl blinked, identifying what her Captain had given her is an object. She took the object in her hand, examining it thoroughly. It was now the next day of the week. Five days has passed since the dungeon mission. Isabella usually spends her time at the library, finding more amazing things about the world, it's history and even doing small activities requiring arts. This world is vast in every ways.

"What should I do with it?" She asked.

"You must go to the headquarters of the Silver Eagles to give this to the Captain of their squad, Nozel Silva." William explained with a smile.

"One of the royal families?" Isabella asked, to which William nodded, "isn't he Noelle's older brother?"

"Oh, you met the second daughter of the Silva's?" William asked with a small surprise in his voice. Isabella simply nodded, "If that's the case then yes, he is..."

"Will I be accompanied by someone?"

William sadly shook his head, "I'm afraid not."

"Not even Klaus?"

"He along with other superiors will be attending a meeting with me. Yuno is out doing some researching with the new spell he found recently in the dungeon's mission. Young Mimosa is at the house of Vermillion right now."

Isabella nodded in satisfaction, "Very well then. I shall deliver it."

"Can you find your way to the headquarters?" William asked in realization.

Isabella gave an enigmatic smile, "I don't see the problem in trying."


The wind blew at Isabella's face as she sat on her broom, going to the Silver Eagles' headquarters. She passed through clouds and mountains as her hair blew from behind. From the above, she can see how much the view from blew was vast however, all she can see was colors around.

She soon reached the headquarters, landing outside of the gate. She approached the two guards guarding the gate.

"I'm a member of the Golden Dawn squad." She began, On behalf of Captain Vangeance; I would like to deliver a message to the Captain of the Silver Eagles."

"Captain Nozel is busy." One of the guards spoke, "You can give it to us. We will deliver it to him."

"I'm afraid I can't do that." Isabella countered back, "The captain has ordered me straightforward to deliver it to the Captain of this squad."

"You peasant-"

"That's enough now!"

They all turned to notice a female noble walking towards them. She had the same hair style that somewhat resembles nozel. Isabella can make out the woman's color. It was the same as Noelle's.

"Why waste your time on a disgusting peasant like her?" The woman said mockingly, "It's better to ignore it."

Isabella knew that this woman is none other than a royalty. She needs to be careful, "Why hello there, Miss Silva." Isabella smiled kindly, "I came here to deliver a letter to the Captain of the Silver Eagles on Captain Vangeance's words."

"The Captain of the Golden Dawn...." The female Silva mused, "Very well." She gestured the guards, who soon opened the gate.

Isabella walked in with the female walking next to her.

"Aren't you the same blind girl that was chosen by all the Captains?" She asked.

"Indeed, I am the blind girl." Isabella spoke, "May I know your name, Miss Silva."

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