Chapter 59 (The leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun)

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William gave out a smile, an empty smile as he acted contently, satisfied with Isabella's answer to his confession.

She did not wanted to be a part of his family. At least not now.

It was done now.

"I see..."

What he hoped for... cannot be attained.

"I understand. You really need to find answers too."

It was now or never

"No it's completely fine. I don't mind waiting."

He can feel his own voice cracking.

Why was he feeling this way? Isabella didn't say no! But she didn't say yes either.

Through her colorful vision, Isabella can see just how conflicted he felt. He knows that she needs time and yet, the ounce of guilt he was feeling this moment...

"You will be the first to know about my family, William."

William looks up at her with awe. She was now calling him by his first name. The smile on her face was true, sincere and filled with determination.

"I'm sorry that I am letting you wait..." she gave a sad smile, "I really wanted to say yes... but I can't. There is something I have to do. And I can't ignore that." She sighs, "I know, that whatever happens... will..." a tear drops from her eyes, "will probably be my fault. But... I can't let this go too." She shakes her face, brushing the tears off, "I know there will be some people who will pin the blame... but..."

"I can't let anyone of you be victims to this danger."

William blinked in confusion, "What do you mean, Isabella?

"I already lost someone I loved from danger. And I promised them that I would protect them. I promised them at one point... and the other... I can't fulfil it" She gives a content smile, "Let me do this. To atone for my sins, breaking a loved one's promise. If I can't save them, then let me save the others." With a final bow, she turned, leaving the room, with William all alone inside the room.

The captain of the Golden Dawn felt cold. He did not like this empty, sick and lonely feeling that grew heavy by each second. He walked to the large mirror on wall looking into his reflection.

Patri stood in place of his reflection. There was a simple blank look on his face as he stared at his human counterpart.

"You got your answer." He spoke, "You ready to do go?"

William nodded with his eyes closed. It appears he has to break his promise to Isabella about being the next wizard king.

But what's the difference between them....


William opened his eyes.

....When they both break a promise to their loved ones?

"I'm ready"


Isabella walked around the hallways of the headquarters. Outside, the sun was glowing orange as it sets down the earth. She solemnly dragged herself to the nearest stop wherever she can find to distract herself with. The heavy feeling of guilt never leaving her, how she outwardly rejected the captain's plea.

"What do you think about getting adopted?"

What does she think? Complete change of her life. Something that a child can call happiness. A carve to have love from a parent. Something she never got to experience. Something she wished she could have.

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