Chapter 14 (The Light of Nostalgia)

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It was still astonishing at suchstrong resemblance of the symbol within the pattern of this man. He had the same sun glowing like that of Captain Vangeance's silhouette was consisting of dark green spots like all the other mages she had countered so far. Heck! The spots were at the exact same places as that of William's! the rays of sun within his chest showered around his body. His patterns and design were beautiful. A light that made her felt nostalgic. But the sun...

"Captain William!" Isabella exclaimed in surprise.

The man in white made a confused face, "I'm sorry, who?"

Isabella blinked again, now confused, "You're my Squad Captain, remember?"

The man laughed, "I'm sorry, you have the wrong person." How the hell can she tell that I'm him!?

Not wanting to create a scene, Isabella sighed, "I'm so sorry, it's just... your Mana, it felt like his. Even the color and patterns."

What? "I see, although I don't look like him" The man smiled.

"My apologize sir. "Isabella gave an apologetic bow, "I'm able to sense presence of others through my Mana so..."

"What do you mean? "The man questioned in confusion. He then looks closely at her dull emerald eyes that seems to have no light in them.

The man gave a surprise look, "Hold on! You mean you are blind?" Isabella just gave single nod making the man smile, "And yet you are a magic knight of the Golden Dawn Squad? What an honor to meet an incredibly inspiring mage of this generation." Isabella gave a small smile, "Oh, where are my manners. My name is Licht. And I believe these belong to you."

Isabella noted the yellow objects in his hands. It was the bag in which all the items that the Golden Dawn were supposed to require. She took them from him and began to check everything. Some stuff were still not there

"Where are the vegetables?" Isabella thought out loud "I'm positive that I bought them."

Licht scratched his cheek lightly, "I believe they are over there." He pointed at the garbage can with some vegetables splattered around.

Isabella made a sad face, "Oh no!" she checked her small pouch where her savings were kept, "And I'm out of money."

"Oh I'm sorry." Licht took a stack of money out, "You can take this."

Isabella blinks at what was in front of her. She can see yellow stack of money within. She gently pushes the bundle to Licht, "No." she shook her head, "I rather do it myself than ask for money from someone else."

"You are not asking, I'm giving it to you."

Isabella smiled, "life has always taught me to never give up and always find the best possible way to help others."

Licht looks at her in surprise. He smiles, "If that's the case then what you will do at this point?"

Isabella gave a mysterious smile, "Let's see. By the way, my name is Isabella." She then changed the subject as she walks with Licht, "You said your name is Licht." He nodded, she gave a long stare, and "I feel like you are trying to cover up your real name."

Licht blinked in confusion, "What makes you say that?"But inside, he was panicking, How did she figured that out!?

"... It's a gut feeling." She said, "Also, they are strange patterns in you which indicates that you are lying."

"Did you say you are blind?"

"I am, generally and visually. Although I can tell that someone is in front of me."

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