Chapter 39(The Occurrences in Neon Village)

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Isabella was now in the common region, the village of neon. She was walking, going to the church nearby. She was holding onto a box full of toys and other things. She got this from Dorothy before she left the base. It was a way of thank you to her and said that she could do anything with it. The best thing that Isabella knew was to give it to the children from the church.

The blind girl had once visited that place during her errands. In her days off she would even go and volunteer in cleaning the church up. Even playing with the children. When her squad captain came to know of this, he was surprised at first but then smiled at her kindness for others. He couldn't be happier for her.

She then reached the white marble building that looked perfect to worship. It was big compare to the one she saw in Hage village. At the doorway was an elderly looking nun who was watching Isabella from a far. She smiled, approaching the girl.

"Isabella, dear." The nun approached Isabella.

"Hello sister Theresa." She smiled, holding onto the box.

The sister gave her pat on her head, "What a pleasant surprise for you to come here, dear. And what is this?"

"Miss Dorothy Unsworth gave these to me as I visited her today. She gave this to me as a gratification and uttered that it is my wish for whatever I can do with it. There were mostly toys and I thought that maybe the children over here might play with them."

Theresa smiled, "That's very kind of you, thank you."


Isabella looks at Theresa's back to see a little girl with short blonde hairs running towards them. The blind girl examined the girl's patterns. Just like every female, her color was grey. The patterns within her consisted of numerous mirror and eyes. and just like many other nobles she had encounter, this little girl too, had light green marks spots.

She too... Isabella thought. Why is it that these people have the markings and color of the elf race?

"Ooooo Hi miss!" The little girl greeted.

"Hello there." Isabella greeted.

"Marie, why are you out?" Theresa asked.

"Because I wanted to look outside. Also brother would come now."

"Argh... that sister complex thug." Theresa muttered in annoyance. She then smiles at Isabella, "Isabella, why don't you stay with Marie a little. I'll go and put them inside the church's play area."

"Of course ma'am." Isabella nodded.

The elderly nun took the box from her and began to walk back inside the church. Marie moved towards Isabella, extending her hand, "Hi! I'm Marie."

"Nice to meet you." They both shaked their hands, "My name is Isabella. That's a very pretty name of yours, little Marie."

The little girl giggled, "Thank you!"

"Hey Marie!"

They turned to see a boy with red hairs running to them. Behind him were other kids older than him but with the same hair color. A teenage girl about the age of nineteen also was there. She had a baby behind her back. Next to her was a familiar silhouette that only Isabella could recognize.

"Hey Isabella!" The familiar individual's voice rang in her ears as they waved their hand in greetings.

Isabella smiled, "Hello Asta." She gave a small wave.

The boy stopped nearby giving out his signature grin. The younger girl smiled, gazing at the boy calculatedly.

She sometimes can not understand the interesting patterns within Asta. It seems to change many times in different circumstances. She remembers how she first met the magic-less boy who at first had multiple wavy patterns. She presumed that it was because of the fact he was magicless. She can not pinpoint too much about magicless people since Asta was the first ever for her to meet. He was the sole person with no mana on her book

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