Chapter 26 (The Destroyer and The Pebble)

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A loud clashing sound was heard around the dungeon as the two giant swords clashed together. Both the mages remained calm, clashing it to one another. The screeching sounds from the swords were frequent as the Golden Dawn members stayed at their grounds doing their best to recover. Klaus still was defending himself from the clone. Mimosa was till healing herself and Yuno was catching his breath, looking closely at the fight.

I have to do something! Yuno thought to himself, I can't give up like this. I have to help Isabella in this fight. If I could just find an opening...

Soon the diamond sword dashed down striking at Isabella. It hit the ground, smoke being formed. From the mist, Isabella was out as she was now floating thanks to her light magic. The golden highlights surrounds her as she landed on a wall. The sword began to chase her while she defended herself with her light sword as it clashed with the diamond sword.

Yuno's eyes widen in realization, That's it! This is my chance!

Yuno brought his hands out, forming a gust of wind, shooting it to the diamond mage, whose name is Mars. Yuno stumbled a little but hold his ground, shooting out more wind on him. The mage however, remained unharmed.

"Such pitiful magic..." Mars coldly spoke as his body was now cowered in diamond and mercury mixture, "It won't work on me."

"Yuno!" Isabella called out.

The sword swang at Yuno, only for Yuno to dodge it, narrowly. The wind mage flew as the sword began to hunt him down. Yuno then sent a gust of wind at Mars who remained unfazed by it. The sword began to dash at Yuno's direction, only for Isabella to intercept it with her light made sword.

"Move!" The mage said coldly.

"I WON'T!" Yuno declared with determination.


"I WON'T!"

"Give up."


The huge diamond sword slashed Isabella's sword away and aimed it for Yuno, who kneeled at his position helplessly. Everything seems to be in slow motion as a scream and footsteps were heard. The medium form passed by Yuno and time was back to normal as the diamond sword was slashed into two.

The now sliced sword, one piece landed on the ceiling while the other fell on the water. The rubble falling from the ceiling into the water.

"Hey you, freaking looking pale dude!" Asta said seethingly, "You stay away from this guy. Yuno is not your s to fight. HE'S MY RIVAL!"

"You must be kidding..." Yuno grinned weakly, "Just when I thought that I had paid my debt to you."

Asta turned around, "I can't believe it! I thought I catch up to you and you are two seconds away from being KILLED! WERE YOU JUST GONNA LET THAT SUCKER BEAT YOU!?"

Yuno closed his eyes, sighing, "Mind your own business, Asta." He got up, standing, "I was this close in taking him down."

"THAT'S A LIE AND YOU KNOW IT!" The Manaless boy pointed his finger out accusingly, "YOU'RE A WREAK! YOU WERE TOTALLY ABOUT TO DIE!"

"No, I was about to launch a very damaging counter attack."


"I was just waiting for the right moment." Yuno spoke coolly.

"Agh! This is just like you, Yuno."

"Are you done interfering?"

"Excuse me!?"

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