Chapter 36(The Aftermath of the Attack)

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The light soon died down, making Asta open his eyes. He looks around only to see the fortress completely empty. Only him, Julius and Isabella were there.

"w-what just happened!?" Asta asked in slight panic after everything that had happened.

"He got away." Julius walked forward, "His pals too. A light magic wielder who's faster than I am. I wonder if he's their leader." Julius then gave a slight smile, "How fascinating." He then got to his serious demeanour, "Fascinating and troubling. Any way..." Besides the Wizard King was the wind mage in one of Julius' time loop sphere, "We still got one of them."

A projection opened, showing Marx, Julius' assistant, "Good I got through. Now sir! Where are you?" The mage was depressed and concern. It was written all over his face.

Julius gave a wave, "Hey, easy there Marx. I'm alright. I've been a bit busy though. I had my transmition magic temporarily suspended."

"Please explain later, you're needed at the medical ward."

Julius' smile faded with Asta still looking confused.


The Magic Knights stayed at the medical ward waiting for the news for Feugolean and Leopold. Both were still being healed by the healing recovery mages. Isabella's last move had made the Captain out of threat level and the flaming mage was sleeping peacefully. Leopold was also being healed to lighten his injuries as well.

Soon a recovery mage comes out, "They both are out of trouble. Young Leopold will be awakening soon."

The others sighed in relieve.

"But for the Captain, he's in a coma."

Th Magic Knights were startled by this but kept themselves on guard. The mage then went back inside.

"This is horrible." Mimosa was the first to break the silence, "He'll come through, right." She was referring to Feugolean.

"I hope he wakes up soon." Sol worriedly spoke for Feugolean's condition.

"Yes, as do I." Charlotte spoke with profession.

"We bolster the magic barrier." Alecdora and Hamon approached them from a different direction, "The transmission magic is also restored as well. More knights are on the ground searching for any stragglers then enemy has left behind."

"The capital should be completely secure now." Hamon replied in his normal happy state, "We're searching for that noisy... um- I mean that lively boy from the Black Bulls and Isabella as well. Ahahahahaha."

Noelle and Mimosa were depressed by that. Seeing that made Klaus spoke out to cheer the two out a bit, "They haven't have him for long he's a fighter. When he gets back, I'm going to slap that boys face, silly!"

Klaus then gasp at what he just felt "This immersive magic-" Alecdora was unable to finish his sentence as the Wizard King instantly appeared in front of them with huge time loop on his side, concealing a hostage from the eye of the midnight sun. Under his armpit was Asta and stood next to the Wizard King, holding onto his robe was Isabella.

"Hey there everybody!" Julius waved his hand, "Nice work today."

"It's the Wizard King!" Mimosa cheered.

"And Asta!?" Noelle was surprised by this.

"Isabella!" Dorothy smiled.

Asta absently greeted, waving his hand, "Hi, the gangs all here. How's it going?"

Isabella waved "Hello everyone."

"Hey, look!" Sol pointed out, "He's got a capitive."

Julius set Asta down who moved few steps forward, caressing his wounds, "Man, for a second I thought that was going to be it for me."

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