Chapter 60 (The Wizard King vs The Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun)

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They both stood opposite to each other. The winding passing by their forms, giving out small but quiet howls to their ears. The situation at hand, should have distraught him. It should have placed him on his knees. Shouting and screaming for the betrayal he caused. But, all he felt was a tranquil feeling of acceptance. It was like he always knew that this day would come. He of all people should have seen this coming. He was the Wizard King after all.

"You and William are not the same. But rather two souls trapped in one body," Julius concluded as he finally spoke after a long silence between him and newly transformed William, who was none other than the leader of the eye of the midnight sun, Licht, "In that sense, I suppose I wasn't betrayed."

Again a small pause was shared, until Julius began to converse

"How did you get rid of the scars on you face?"

"Surely, William must have told you that it was Isabella's doing. That child is blessed and gifted by this world's mana that not even my people are blessed with it. But even if I share this body, a human's curse has nothing to do with me. In fact, I despise humans. William, of course, is the sole exception. We only co-exist in the same body after all. He may be human but he accepted my feelings. He understood me. My boundless fury. Sorrow. Hatred. All of it. If only I never met those humans. All those lies. There is only one thing that could bring the justice they deserve. To quench this blazing hatred."

He raised his hands to his side. His golden eyes were wide with hate, "I will gather all the magic stones and fulfil our ambition at last."

Julius quietly listened to his monologue, So it revenge he wants, against all humanity. But how will he use the stones to accomplish that?

"William understood my suffering. That's why he set this meeting between us. I believe the remaining stones are in your possessions?"

"We thought that would be the safest course of action." Julius carefully spoke, "But I suppose I should have given them to her instead."

Patri tied up his long hair into a single pigtail, "Even if she did have them, she would have given it to William. Her trust for William is immense. She would do anything for him. But no matter, I will attain those stones now, and bring our hopes to fruition."

He lets his hands drop to his side, staring back at the Wizard King. Both of them completely on guard of each other's move.

Julius gave a soft smile, "I understand. You always had such a kind heart. Your dear friend is in pain and you'd do anything to ease his suffering, William. But you must be suffering as well. And just as your friend relied on you, you can rely on me. I'm always at your side. That's why I will bring end to this no matter what."

Patri's Grimoire began to glow golden. He was activating a magic spell, "You may believe what you like. But his heart and soul are one in this matter. Now Wizard King, I think it time for you to die." Light swords of convictions began to form around Patri, "Now as the strongest mage in this kingdom, you must bear its sins. The crime that were committed by its people, will be paid in your blood."


"So Vangeance asked you for adoption. And you rejected it..." Yami began to rephrase what Isabella told him. Isabella simply nodded with a hum, "Well... I think you let it pass since this is future Isabella's problem of how she deals with it."

"If that's the case then I am future Isabella you are looking at." Isabella countered back with same somber face but playful tone, "But on serious note, he seems really upset after I said no to him. I just can't say yes to him at that moment. I..." She sighed, "I don't know why I'm not ready for it...."

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