Chapter 33 (The Capital Riot)

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The silence in the hall was so eerie that you can here a pin drop. The experienced magic knights stared at Asta emotionlessly. Klaus' mouth was dropped opened in shock. The word in his mouth was stuck in his throat that he can't even tell when or what to say. Noelle was worried for him. Mimosa was looking at him in awe with a light blush on her face.

Yuno smirked at his rival, "Not a chance."

Solid and Nebra were stunned to hear this. They began to laugh, "You? The Wizard King? A mere commoner."

"You got to be kidding!?"

They both summoned out their Grimoires out.

"Water binding magic: Sea Serpent Coil!" a water made serpent twirled around and charged towards Asta who slashed the serpent with his sword, nullifying it.


"Mist binding magic: Mist Spider Wed Cell." Asta was soon covered with the mist. He effortlessly nullified the magic, "Huh?"

So it's true. Alecdora thought, He's nullifying our magic. This kid is no ordinary commoner. "We'll take him." With an attack range like that we have nothing to fear. His Grimoire glowed, "Sand Creation Magic: Sand Armour Guard."

Dorothy and Isabella walked together back in the hallway, "Why not come to my headquarters at a day off? That way we can see what you see in your dream." Her eyes began to sparkle in excitement, "I look forward to see what you see! Your way of vision is just... wow!"

"I really don't know about it." They reached the dinning room door "But I'm just glad that I can understand somethings I see." They open the door only to gasp at what they witness.

Asta was being held by sand made giant while a water bullet was charging at Asta.

"What in the world!?" Dorothy exclaimed.

The water bullet however was reflected back to Solid with Asta's anti magic sword.

Dorothy's eyes widened, That sword... She then noticed the Grimoire that gave out a red haunting aura, What the!

Solid was now in his knees, I've been brought to my knees bested by a commoner.

Solid was now furious as he stood up, "This time I will not show you mercy!"

"Please Solid, stop!" Noelle pleaded, "You don't need to do this."

The air began to feel heavy and ice cold as everyone felt the intense mana flowing around the room. Footsteps were heard as Nozel stepped towards where Asta was.

Klaus Mimosa and Noelle quickly backed away in a corner as Nozel walked, joining next to Solid.

"Nozel, what are you doing?" Solid asked in fright.

"Enough Solid! You shouldn't be quick to use your magic against a mere commoner." Nozel spoke.

"He deserved it though!"

"I said enough. Do you wish to sully the name of house Silva with your antics?"

Solid backed down know well.

Nozel brought his hand up aiming at Asta. Asta could only tremble as he stood bravely. He was of course as scared as hell!

"This has gone far enough."

Nozel stopped his mana flowing and turned to look at Fuegolean walking towards him with a calm expression.

"What are you thinking ganging up on a lone youth like this? Where is your sense of honor?"

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