Chapter 34 (The Blackout and The Adversity)

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The Coral Peacocks and Isabella landed at the south with a lot of dead corpse walking towards the people. The screams and groaning of the troop filled the air. The amass of fire crackled everywhere. Isabella blinked as she felt a flash of people screaming and running from an attack. She soon heard a male scream in despair along with other screaming.


"Please help!"

"Please! Stay with me! Open your eyes!"

"What's happening!?"

"Must be a dream!"


Dorothy placed a hand on her shoulder, making the blind girl snapped out. Isabella blinked for a moment, coming to her senses.

"Sorry, I just got distracted a little."

"Eww! What are these things?" Kirsch asked as he looks at the corpses in disgust, "They are mocking my beauty by their ugly appearance."

Dorothy sighed, "Sometimes I wonder how he became my Vice Captain?"

"I can bear him well." Isabella gave a small smile. She then turned to the army of corpses, "This is magic for sure. I can see both purple and black in them. Purple is the indication of magic. While black is for something that is serious. It could lead to a cause of curse, death, and other various bad omens."

Dorothy simply nodded, taking in whatever Isabella just said.

"Well then..." Kirsch got his Grimoire out, "Let us began."

"To make sure they stay down we must destroy them!" All the knights said by themselves.

"Cherry Blossom Magic: Magic Cherry Blossom Blizzard." He unleashed a blizzard full of pink cherry blossom flowers. It all went straight to the troops that swarm away from the trio and the citizens.

The citizen cheered, "It's the Coral Peacocks!"

"They saved us!"

"Leave it to the Magic Knights!"

Kirsch, who was posing, quickly became aware as he realized that the corpses were waking up and coming back to them. More were coming out from other directions.

"Impossible!" He cried out, "It doesn't affect them."

Dorothy opened her Grimoire, "Dream Magic: Mystical Dream Waves."

Different colored waves were sent out of the directions, blasting of the corpses. Some stayed down while stood up.

Dorothy frowned, "They are being control by magic."

"This magic..." Isabella spoke, "its soul corpse magic. Whoever is using it is pretty strong." Isabella then looks forward. She smirked, "Let's have them hear some music."

She brought her hand out, pink and gold spark began to form which in turn form a small harp. The harp was pink in color with an angel's figure made at top end of it. The strings were lustrous gold and smooth as Isabella touched them.

 The strings were lustrous gold and smooth as Isabella touched them

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