Chapter 27 (In the Depths of the Treasure Room)

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The dungeon was in pure rubbles as the clover mages stood in front of the enormous door with mars sealed in a steel magic spell lying unconscious. The light blue orbs floated around the dungeon, the beauty still remained.

Klaus held onto Mars' grimoire as he closes the book shut, adjusting his glasses, "There, that should hold him." Asta came next to him as he was now chewing onto some herbs that Isabella was looking at the entire time as she stood next to Mimosa who was now completely healed.

"You sure that binding spell is gonna be enough?" Asta asked, still chewing the herb. The anti-magic bird never leaving his head as it gives a deadpanned look.

"Are you questioning the strength of my magic?" Klaus demanded, "It's a sturdy spell that won't be broken by an injured mage." He holds out Mars's grimoire, "Plus, I have his Grimoire!"

Asta took out one of the herbs from his mouth, grinning, "Okay, okay. Defensive much? Here, have some! It's good!"

"I don't want your half chewed leftovers!"

Asta holds out the herb to Yuno, "Yuno?" he smiled sweetly.

Yuno had his eyes in dots, giving Asta an incredulous look. He then turned away, "I think I'll pass."

Isabella took the herb from his hand and broke an unchewed part, inserting it in her mouth, chewing. The others look at her in pure surprise and perplex look. What the heck just happened?

"There is no taste in it." Isabella commented, "But due to this property, it's also very affective to gain the amount of energy and healing you need."

Asta grinned, "See?"

Noelle was freaking out as she witnessed what just happened. Her eyes were no longer present from the shock she just experienced.

"I'm so relieved that none of us were injured." Mimosa smiled in content.

Noelle snapped out of her shock, "Are you sure that you should be up and about already?" Noelle asked in concern.

"Oh yes, it's fine. I'm mostly healed by now. I have you to thank me for protecting me so valiantly."

"No, I didn't do anything special!" She looked away; a small blush appeared on her face, "I just couldn't leave a dimwit like you to force yourself."

"Well, you have my gratitude."

Noelle sighed, "Fine, whatever! Asta, do you think you could do something about yourself already?"

Asta's clothes were ripped off, his body being exposed. He chewed the last of his herbs off as he stares at Noelle in confusion, "So what am I doing wrong this time?"

Noelle pointed at him, "Just look at the way you're dressed!"

"Why are you blushing when I'm half naked?"

"Don't be ridiculous, I'm not blushing" She said crossing her hands.

Asta looks at his robe sadly, "My robe though, argh! Just look at it! The poor thing got seriously torn up. Magna is totally going to kill me for this."

"Vanessa will fix it all when we get back." Luck cheerfully said.

"You think she can? It's in really bad shape..." Asta grimaced while Luck smiled with a nod.

Luck then turned to Isabella who was next to Asta, "You're incredibly strong! Let's battle!"

Isabella observed the boy and the pattern in him. Just like the nobles she had countered, he to have dark green spots in him. The pattern also had some roses, she couldn't understand why.

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