Chapter 47 ( Magic All Around Us)

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"The Eye of the Midnight Sun has its leader named Licht." Julius explained to the Captains of the Magic Knight Squad. After questioning George and Catherine, he was now summarizing the entire thing to the Captains, "A mage with obverted four leaf clover Grimoire. Six years ago, he formed a terrorist group, opposing the Clover Kingdom. It now counts as fifty mages as its members. Beneath Licht are the three members, ranking as the Third Eye: Rhya, Vetto and Fana. They're power far out strips the others. The organisations member a dipteral for the Clover Kingdom, which drives out against our country. There ultimate goal is establish a saurian state. That all sound correct so far?"

Behind Julius, Catherine and George nodded, "Yes."

"Now then the juiciest tip is probably this."

Asta gritted his teeth.

Isabella just faced the Captains.

"The traitor that cooperated with the Eye of the Midnight Sun is one of you, our Magic Knight Captains."

Some of the Captains were in shock.

"One of us? That can't be true!" rill exclaimed.

"Keh! Keh!"

I knew it. Nozel silently thought.

But which captain? Charlotte thought.

Geuldre mysteriously chuckled.

William, Yami and Dorothy silently waited for the answer.

Asta was getting on edge; You're the reason why Captain Feugolean got hurt. You're the one! But why? Why the Captain did turned traitor?

"Alright now." He turned to the captives, "Can you tell us, who amongst the Captain was the traitor that calibrated with the Eye of the Midnight Sun? Go on, tell us there name."

The others waited.

The Captives spoke, "The traitor... is the Purple Orcas Captain... Geuldre Poizot."

The other Magic Knights were shocked.

"Augh! Ridiculous! What are you trying to say?" Geuldre defended himself while the other Captains around him began to back off, "These two are terrorists who are guilty of attacking the Royal Capital itself. You'd have to be crazy enough to hear a word out of their mouths! I've never given anyone a cause to doubt my loyalty to this Kingdom."

"Well that isn't exactly true." Charlotte spoke, "I have heard a few distasteful rumours regarding you."

"Is that all charlotte?" Nozel asked, "I've heard more than a great deal than few."

"No way!" Rill exclaimed, "Are you guys serious!?"

"Using my powers, I can definitely see things that others can't." Dorothy gave a bored look, "I kind of knew in a way. Just not about the part that he cooperated with the terrorists."

"Sure are." Yami said as he poked his ears, "The rumours are all over the damn place. It's crazy!"

Geuldre began to back off from all the accusation.

"And now it seems that they weren't baseless at all." Charlotte placed both of her hands on her waist.

"I've always knew that you were up to something sneaky." Jack snarled, "But I never imagined that you would even stoop to this level."

"This isn't funny!" Geuldre raised his hands in defence, "There's obviously been a mistake!" He pointed to the captives, "Yes! Those are trying to set me up and you're all falling for it!" He then pointed at Isabella, "And you! You know their leader! How can we trust you that you aren't some spy!?"

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