Chapter 4 (The magic knight exam trials)

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The other tests were taken. Sheet of paper were given in order for the examines to demonstrate their magic control. Some had problem, while some did their best. Sekke and Yuno did good, while Asta just shouted, waving his hands around.

Isabella simply used one of her energy light beam aiming directly at all the main point.

The captains again were amazed at her, just a small portion of her Mana is being used and just how strong would she be if she used her full power.

"Is there anything she can't do?" The captain of the purple orcas exclaimed in annoyance. Nobody said a word.

Then it was the test of creation in which candidates have to make something by their powers. Each of them made something. Unfortunately for Asta, he couldn't do anything, other than shout in annoyance. Sekke made an electric structure out of himself.

Isabella on the other hand, used her light and music magic as she silently hummed, making a sculpture of a couple. It was a bride and groom she made.

I wonder why I made this. Isabella thought, What does it even look like?

William noticed what she was making, although, he couldn't tell what it was.

In the next test, the examines were given seeds. By the help of their magic, they had to at least grow a plant out. Sekke just used his electric ability to make a root grow out of the seed. Yuno did a splendid job by making a small tree. Asta again kept on shouting, not giving up.

The blind girl used her light magic and music magic, growing out an enormous and yet a strange plant that looked magnificent but frightening at the same time. The shape of the flowers and leaves were eerie but beautiful. They were all colorful, showing a certain amount of lie in them.

"Woah! So cool!" Asta awed as his eyes sparkled in excitement.

"Man! That's one hideous looking plant!"

"Look how big and freaky it is!"

William's eyes widened, those flowers....

"Nobody would want these! They look poisonous!"

Isabella chuckled, earning others attention, "They may look terrifying, but do not judge a book by its cover." The blind girl walked towards the plant. A butterfly flew by sitting on one of them, "These flowers have a special meaning. Kindness dwells within. They simply appears poisonous, so we humans, birds and other species don't disturb them." Isabella bends lower, lightly touching the petal, "Since these insects know them, to them, these flowers are their sanctuary."

"Amazing..." Charlotte awed.

"Those are some beautiful plants!" Rill was blushing seeing flowers in awe, "I want to paint them for my collection..."

Yami just hummed.

William eyes softly stared at the girl. His head bends down, shadowing his face.

If anyone took proper notice, his right eye momentarily flashed golden.

William then stood from his seat, "Onto the next test, the final and the most difficult. A display of combat skill."

The examines murmured around each other.

"Prepare a dual!" Feugolean stood from his seat, the crowd silencing itself. Feugolean brought his fist out, "Break into pairs and fight each other! Use your Grimoires to attack and defend!"

"I bet losing will tenure chances of being selected." One male contestant murmured.

"Better chose an easy partner, someone weak." Another said.

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