Chapter 49 (The Unmasked Cured)

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In the Golden Dawn base, inside of Isabella's room, she opened her dull green eyes to look around her surroundings. It was pitch black, her visions as dark as ever. She could only see the surroundings around her. She got up and sat down rubbing her eyes. Her attention was directed towards the window cowered with branches. She could only see the purple in it.

"Branches." Isabella mumbles. She smiles, "Looks like the Captain was being sweet by not letting me awake at all."

She got of the bed and tied up her hair in a tall pony. She approached the window; the branches began to disperse, giving her way to see the view with her unique visions. The wind blew on her face as she sees the view in yellow and light green color.

The blind mage began to notice that she can now tell the details of the things around her. It wasn't like this before...

"Huh?" She lightly mused, "It seems like I can see things in a bit more light; much clearer and detailed." She tugged the pendant underneath her clothes, "You really are the best you know."

She then noticed that the Mana around was unstable. It was coming from the west. She then noticed few of the Manas of the mages in golden dawn not present. Even her accuracy of Mana presence also increased!

"Looks like the Clover Kingdom is in danger." She spoke in a tranquil tune. She looks down at her pendant now no longer underneath her frock. It was of an odd circle shape; like some sort of a... "Let's check it out."


In Kiten, William had formed a huge tree through his magic, by consuming the Mana of the Diamond Kingdom's mages. Everyone was in awe at the Captain's insane magic.

Broccos was extremely mad at this that he grew through his rock magic and stopped on top of the tree to where William currently was. The world tree mage looks at his foe in calmness.

"So that's where you we're? You must be the Golden Dawn's Captain." Broccos began, "I underestimated you. That is some serious magic power you got."

"Yes, and I can say the same about you as well." William glared at him, "You shouldn't die in vain. Take your comrades and leave this land."

"What did you say to me?" Broccos snarled, "Diamond soldiers don't retreat no matter the circumstance. NEVER!"

He began to glow more, "Red Brick Creation Magic: Bright Armor Heavy Artillery!"

William threw his hand towards him, light wind flying through. Broccos holds onto William's tiny form with his huge red brick hand, "That was pathetic! Was that suppose to be painful!?" He laughed mockingly, "Let me guess, you already ran out of magic?" William faced down.

Before Broccos can do a thing, branches began sprout out of him. He was soon in a form of a tree. He was defeated single handily.

"World Tree Magic: Mistleten Seed. You should be honoured, you know. Your magic is being used for the nourishment of the Clover Kingdom."

The tree began to land down. Right after that, a dark smoke appeared behind William and came out with his sword ready to slice.

William looks behind in surprise, An ambush! He must have concealed up his power. Lotus was about to slash, only for William's sights to wrapped in darkness.

"What the!" The Captain exclaimed.

Another swapping noise comes out.


His visions were soon back, to see Lotus on a branch in front of him. Yami was also in front of him as he slashed the Diamond Mage.


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