Chapter 42 (The Third Eye)

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"Woah! Nice save." Finral smiled, "Good one Gauche!"

The dark cocoon died down. Asta looks around in confusion and shock, "Woah! No way!" He squeaked, "Hey guys, you just happened. How are we still alive?" Isabella walked forward.

Gauche panted, "My mirror magic... reflected his attack. I didn't see the smug bastard, but there was no way he could have dodged it."

Yami laughed walking towards Gauche. He placed his large hand on the mirror mage's head, "Glad to have your scrawny butt back! And that you brought a fancy new spell with you! Hahahaha!"

"Captain, you made me who I am today. Thank you, I owe you everything."

"Wo-ho- ah-ho! Is that so? Then I get all the credit for beating that Light Mage, right. Hahaha!"


All Asta could do was regret as Captain Yami appeared in front of him, grabbing the magic-less boy by the head in a death grip. The Captain gave out a threatening glare, "Shut it!" Asta simply yelped, "So you think you beat skinny bones over there, and now you can say anything you want, huh?"

Finral walked with a sheepish look, holding his hands out to calm the situation at hand, "Hey! Hey, the important thing is that everyone does their best. There's no need for violence."

Both, Captain Yami and Gauche turned with unimpressed looks on their faces, "Oh yeah?" They both unioned, "What did you do?"


As the Black Bulls ranted off together, Isabella walked towards the unconscious body of Patri who was still lying on his back. She approached the light mage noticing his color diming down piece by piece. She kneeled near him and placed a hand on his left chest.

His heart was beating.

"At least you're still okay." She whispered.

She then gazed at the Grimoire that lied next to him. It gave out a beautiful golden aura. Isabella can feel the positivity radiating from it. In fact, this Grimoire made her remember about Asta's Grimoire.

"It's like... this Grimoire and that Grimoire are complete opposites." She turned to Patri's unconscious state, "I really hope you don't fall in disparity, Patri."

She then reached out for the four leaf clover Grimoire.

A memory flashed in her mind.

A fifteen year old entered a place that had so many golden around. He was in the tower of the Grimoires.

The figure was a dark green color with patterns of light and a symbol of sun, representing his heart.

He came at the centre and a golden spec of light, which is a Grimoire, began to glow, descending down towards him. He held out his hand, grasping the Grimoire. The young lad stares at it, lips parted in surprise.

"I have a four leaf Grimoire. Just like Licht... and Belle..." He holds onto the Grimoire close to his chest and gave determined look, "I better hurry. Bella needs our help. She's doing so much for us. We must defeat the devil!"

Isabella's eyes widened, Devil? What?

Yami then approached the two, "So much for that super powerful spell of yours, Lime face. Guess your magic has more than one enemy though. Nice try."

Patri began to get up and landed his eyes on Gauche. His reflection reflecting in his mirror that was attached in his eye.

"I'm sorry." Patri gave a soft smile, "I should have... never hurt you." A memory flashed in him as his people were shown caring for one another and then being massacred.

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