Chapter 20(History of the elves and the first Wizard King)

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Somewhere around the clover kingdom, a hooded figure stood in front of big stone tablet that shines shined out perfectly within the darkness. He wore a white robe, with a golden dawn squad robe on top of it. The hooded figure turned behind him to see one of heath's mage kneeling down to the hooded mage. It seemed he escape before being caught by the magic knights, judging from the small scratches he had received.

"So that's what heath chooses?" It was actually Patri, "And the magic stone is now in the hands of the black bulls?"

"Yes sir."

Patri turned back to the stone tablet, "no matter, the black bulls won't be an issue. We can deal with them anytime. They can keep the magic stone until we are ready to retrieve it." he places his hand on the stone, "not long now... the resurrection is close at hands."

"Sir, there's also one more thing..." the mage behind him said. Patri just hummed, "There was also a girl from the Golden Dawn squad who participated in the village invasion."

Patri's hand twitched from the stone, he turned to the mage behind him, "What?"

"Yes. She was a short girl with strawberry blonde hairs. And I believe she was blind..."

Patri calmed down, turning back to the stone, "I see, Very well. You can go now..."

The mage nodded, standing up and turning his heels to leave. The white haired male was now alone with the mystical stone tablet.

"So that's where you went off to, huh?"


It was the next day. William gave her the day off after figuring out through Patri where the blind girl went off to. It was shocking; never did he realize that something like this could ever happen. Not wanting to make it an issue, he let the girl have a break. After knowing from William that it was her day off, she took the opportunity to spend her time in the library

She walked around the hallway, stopping at a room full with books and shelves. She was now at the golden dawn base library. She summoned her music waves detecting the area around her as she scanned the room with her visionless eyes.

She walked inside, stopping near a shelf. She looks up seeing everything as yellow, since they were all objects. The said blind girl brought her hand out, hand glowing pink; few books began to highlight the same color coming out from their places. They began to pile at a nearby table. Isabella walked towards the table and the pile.

She brought her hand out that began to glow golden and pink. Soon a medium sized book was formed. It was white in color with interesting flower patterns in pink. She took a seat, taking one of the books from the pile and flipped its page open.

 She took a seat, taking one of the books from the pile and flipped its page open

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Time just went by. The sun now completely set. The moon up high in the dark sky, glistening with the clusters of stars. All the members were seated for dinner. It was pleasant as ever, except William noticed the absence of a certain blind girl who was suppose to sit between mimosa and Yuno who were looking at each and at the empty seat between them.

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