Chapter 24 (The Encounter of Rivals)

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The sun was near setting as the Golden Dawn headquarters stood tall at the edge of the mountain. The square corridor was bathed by the orange rays of the setting sun as Captain William Vangeance walked around the corridor, heading to his office. His clock flawlessly followed behind him as he walked.

"Captain Vangeance!" William turned to see Alecdora approaching him. The man in question bowed on his knees in front of his Captain.

"Yes Alecdora. What is it?" William asked.

"Pardon me, Sir" Alecdora began, "It is regarding the newly discovered dungeon. Forgive me, but why sent untrial commoners to such a crucial mission."

"Do I have your trust as your leader and your Captain?" William asked with a smile.

"Of course! I would follow you anywhere. To anything you ask, even if it should lead my death. I trust you." Alecdora declared.

"That's good." William smiled, "I trust the untried commoners as you speak of and I would ask you to do the same." He turned around, his answer making Alecdora a bit surprise, "After all..." he close his eyes, "They are a fully fledged member of the Golden Dawn. For the sake of the squad, I'm certain they will only continue to grow stronger."


William walks away smiling mysteriously, yes. They must grow stronger. They must...

Back in the dungeon the Golden Dawn and the Black Bulls have united. Yuno smirked seeing Asta while the manaless boy gives a huge grin. Isabella smiled back at Asta, nodding to him. Asta nodded back.

Noelle looks in surprise at the newcomers, So this is Yuno. She then spotted Mimosa who smiled kindly, And that's... Noelle's surprised look turn into a frown with annoyance.

"Yuno." Klaus began.

"Sir." Yuno turned to his superior.

"Why did you go out of your way to save these people?" He adjusted his glasses, "We are charged to explore this dungeon and securing its valuable contents. Our primary objective is to reach the hall and its parts with all the possible haste." He walked closer, "We have no time to involve ourselves to such rebels as these."

Asta stomped his feet,"Geez! Who the hell is four eyes the rude here!?" Asta pointed in annoyance.

Klaus' eyes widend, "My superior." Yuno answered.

In an instant Klaus was holding on to Asta by his robes, "EXCUSE ME!" A tich mark on his cheek, "AND YOU THINK I'M RUDE!? DON'T SAY THAT AGAIN, BRAT!" Asta was gagging at the noble with upmost annoyance, "I AM A NOBLE AND YOU WILL TEAT ME WITH RESPECT!"

So much for not involving ourselves. Yuno thought to himself.

Mimosa sweetly smiled at Noelle, waving to her, "Fancy running into you, Noelle." She placed her fingers of her mouth with a small chuckle. Noelle was giving a sheepish look of annoyance, "We haven't seen each other since the last year's royal banquet, isn't that right?"

"You know each other?" Asta asked.

"Yes, just a bit." Noelle uncomfortably replied.

"Yours and mimosa's color and patters are pretty much alike." Isabella piped in the conversation, "You two are related."

Mimosa turned to Isabella nodding with a smile, "We sure are." She then turned to Asta and Noelle, "Actually, I'm Noelle's cousin."

"Huh?" Asta was surprised by this.

"Well, this is quite a surprise." Noelle said as she tried her best to hide her annoyance, although her eyebrows were moving up and down in annoyance, It just had to be her.

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