Chapter 28 (Destruction and Salvation)

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"ASTA!" Noelle screamed after witnessing the horrendous state the magicless boy was in. She turned to Mimosa who still was healing her, "I'm fine now. Forget about me for now and go look after him."

Mimosa stopped her healing spelling and nodded, "Alright, sure." With that, she rushed to Asta's side using the same spell she used on Noelle earlier, This wound... She thought as she stares at the blood slowly pouring out from the Manaless boy, could I even heal it with the magic power I have left?

"Asta!" Klaus shouted, "Wake up you brat! Where did all of that arrogance go!?"

"You can't die before we fight!" Luck whined, trying his best to wake him up.

"Asta!" Noelle worriedly exclaimed

"Don't give up just yet!" Isabella encouraged.

"Try to hold on" Mimosa reassured, "You can do it."

Isabella stares at Mars who was seemed to doze off. She was watching the movement of the patterns in his color. They seem to be hazy, and moving at such a circumstance that it seemed to find its way out or something.

"I don't need anyone..." Mars soon spoke out, making the others turn to him, "As powerful as I am I will never need anyone. Those who don't have power are weak and the weak dies. Give up! YOU ARE A PATHETIC HELPLESS CHILD! YOU WILL NEVER STAND A CHANCE AGAINST ME!" He formed the huge sword from his crystal magic, aiming down on Asta and mimosa.

"We may be weak..." Isabella spoke, catching Mars attention. The barrier around her began to glow in gold. Yuno began to seek help from his wind magic, "But that is what makes us stronger! We are weak so that we can achieve higher!"

Mars just gave an icy glare, "Now die!"

The sword was now few meters away from the two mages that were stroked. Yuno broke through his barrier with his wind magic, "ASTA!" his Grimoire flipped wildly to seek out a spell worthy enough to save Asta on time, No matter what spell I cast, it will be to late. I can't let him die! NOT LIKE THIS!

As answered from his determination to save his foster brother and rival, the four leaf clover Grimoire began to glow green. Everything around him was stiff as a statue. In fact, it was indeed the case. It was as if time just stopped.

Yuno looks a around in bewilderment. What was truly going on?

Soon his eyes caught a small fairy in light green dress yawning. It made the four leaf clover surprise. Where did she come from? The little fairy rubbed her eyes, and soon noticed Yuno. She simply brought her hand out blowing out some air. The green magical air flawlessly flowed towards the crystal sword, destroying it into pieces.

In a snap, time was back to its track, with Mars now on the wall and his giant armour crashed into millions on pieces.

"What happened?" Klaus asked, "Is it over? Did Yuno finish him?" The crystal barrier on him and on the others began to wither, "The binding spell... it's broken."

Luck and Isabella was also free.

Klaus rushed to Yuno, "Yuno! What did you do?"

"Yeah really?" Luck joined in, "What kind of a magic spell was that?

"I... don't know?" Was all his reply.

"Don't know?" Klaus was now confused.

"There was this tiny person." Yuno looks around, trying to remember where the little fairy initially was.

"Tiny person?"

"I think..."

Klaus then approached the four leaf clover boy, "You must be tired. We can discuss this later." He placed a hand on his shoulder, "There will be time. He's down now for good."

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