Chapter 32 (The Distinguish Service Ceremony)

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The knights were all lined up in the respective squads with their Captains' right behind them. The Captain of the Golden Dawn squad was nowhere to be seen, much to Isabella's confusion. Where could her squad Captain? The Captain of the Coral Peacocks, Dorothy Unsworth, turned around at the doorway and excitedly waved at Isabella. The said blind girl waved back. The other subordinates look in surprise and confusion. Isabella sure was close to the Captain of the Coral Peacocks.

"With the total of seven stars..." Julius began, "From the Crimson Lion Kings Squad, Leopold Vermillion step forward." The said Royal was now in front of the Wizard King "I hereby bestow the rank upon you of the intermediate Magic Knight second class." He handed over a medal to the red hair lad, who accepts it "Like your brother, Captain of the Crimsons Lion Kings, your use of flame magic can be a bit overwhelming. You may consider toning it down a little." Julius gave a small laugh.

"There's no room for mercy when you are fighting against evil, Sir." Leopold spoke.

"Next with the total of six stars, Blue Rose Knight, Sol Maron. I grant you the rank of intermediate magic knight third class." He handed a medal to Sol who gracefully took it, "Your vitality a match for any men is amazing as is your unique earth magic but perhaps you have a bit too much freedom."

"The only one who can tie me down is charlotte." Sol spoke, "Erm... I mean my Captain."

"With the total of eight stars from the Coral Peacocks, Kirsch Vermillion step forward." He handed him a medal. "Your flower magic is elegant as ever. But you show off too much. Try focussing around your surroundings more."

"Wise words, sir. I will try my best in the future with my beautiful magic." Kisrch smiled charmingly (not really).

Mimosa groaned in annoyance. Isabella turned to her, "Your brother?"

"Yes." She sighed, "I wish he would just disappear."

"I can tell by his color and patterns that he's related to you. "His patterns consisted of cherry blossom petals with royal patterns around.

"Now with the total of six stars, hailing from the Silver eagles, I call Solid Silva." Julius handed a medal to the said Silva royal, "I grant you the rank of intermediate Magic knight third class. You exhibit great skill in controlling your magic. But it would be better if you work with those around you rather than showing of your own power."

Isabella noticed the same royal patterns in the man just like Noelle, Nebra and Nozel. However, a symbol of a serpent can be seen, outlined in blue around his body, with water patterns around as well.

"I'll keep that in mind going forward." Solid smiled saying it in a lazy way.

"With the total of nine stars, from the Silver Eagles is Nebra Silva." Nebra came to the Wizard King, who handed her a medal, "I grant you the rank of senior magic knight fifth class. The illusions you create with your mist magic are truly incredible. Bit you have a habit of using it to toy with your foe more than necessary. May back fire someday."

"Thank you for the advice. I'll take it to heart." She smiled gracefully.

"With the total of seven stars, hailing from the Golden Dawn, Hamon Caseaus. I hereby grant you the rank of intermediate Magic Knight second class. Looking at you one could think you would weild glass magic and often confuses your enemies."

"Yes sir. It does, thank you." He laughed heartedly.

"Next with the total of eight stars also from the Golden Dawn, Siren Teium. I grant you the rank of intermediate Magic Knight first class. Behind your eloquent magic is a radicand mage who rarely speaks his own mind. I encourage you to make your thoughts and opinions more often." He handed the medal to him.

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