Chapter 56 (The Star Festival Part 3: The Results and Aftermath)

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"The star ceremony is getting ready to start!"

"All the captains are going to be there!"

"Even the new captains of the Crimson Lion King and the Purple Orcas!"

Asta was flabbergasted to hear that, "All of them?" He slowly asked, "Uh oh..."

He looks behind to see Yami looking not all too happy about it. Although, it did not seem like he was all too bothered about it, "Damn it, we're late. Eh, they'll wait for me..."


Meanwhile, inside the dungeon where the eye of the midnight sun was currently hiding at, Rhya was seen unpacking a plastic box. He opened it, grabbing onto the sandwich inside. With delight he was about to take a bite when he noticed something odd within the room he just entered. Something was not right...

"Huh? Where did Licht go?"


"Citizens, thank you all so much for attending!"

One of the individual from the crowd pointed up at the tower, "Hey look!" Everyone looks above. Low and behold, "It's the wizard king!" Marx was right behind him.

"The magic knight squad has done some amazing deeds this year. I'm here to recognize them." Julius continued.

"The Wizard King in the flash!"

"That's awesome!"

"And finally, after my announcement, King Clover has a few words himself!"

The crowd cheered, "WIZARD KING!"

Asta's eyes twinkled like stars, "That's our Wizard King! He's so cool! Wow!"

"Now then..." Julius' expression turned unrelenting, "As I assume everyone here is aware, our nation has suffered attacks from both the Spade and Diamond Kingdom. We are also waging war with a relentless terrorist organization, known as the Eye of the Midnight Sun. When they advanced on the capital, many of our people sacrificed their lives. At one point, I even considered cancelling this year's festival. But then it occurred to me that this event would be the ideal opportunity to honour all those who bravely defended our country from the enemies."

"And so the moment has come." He brought his hand out in a presenting manner, "Please welcome the pride of the clover kingdom, our magic knight captains!"

Right on cue, numerous footsteps were heard, with the captains of each squad finally on stage. The crowd cheered for them. There were the new captains for the Crimson Lion King and the Purple Orcas. The Captain of the Black Bulls and the Blue Rose Knights were missing,


"Captain of the Silver Eagles, Nozel Silva."

"Captain of the Green Praying Mantises, Jack The Ripper."

"Captain of the Coral Peacock, Dorothy Unsworth!"

"Wow! She's awake!"

"She looks so awesome!"

"Captain of the Aqua Deer, Rill Boismortier."

"Captain of the Crimson Lion King, Mereoleona Vermillion!

"There new captain's a woman!?"

"I hear she's as skilful in flame magic as her brother Fuegoleon! You know their last captain. In fact, I heard that she may be better."

"The new Captain of the Purple Orcas, Kaiser Granvorka."

"Another new captain?"

"Yeah, that group's been through a lot..."

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