Chapter 41 (A Light for a Life)

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"Hey kid!" Yami called out to Asta, "Were you watching?"

"Uh... yes Sir?" Asta replied, unsure of what was coming up.

"That's good, because it's now your turn."

"Yes Sir!" And then he realized, the stars disappear in his eyes, "WAIT, WHAT DID YOU SAY!? THERE'S NO WAY I CAN DO THAT!"

"Yeah?" Yami grabbed onto Asta's head, his eyes glowing red, "Last I check I was still your Captain. Which means I tell you to do something, you do it."

Asta yelped as Yami gripped his head tighter. The mana less boy tried his best to break free, dangling his feet frantically.

"Assuming you want to be a real man, Shirmpsta." Yami bluntly said.

Valtos was sweating, He blocked master Licht attack. He even managed to fight back. The Captain of the Black Bulls... could his power rivals that of the Wizard King's?

Patri placed a hand on his wound, "Fascinating, the power of Dark Magic." His Grimoire flipped a page, "Now, light recovery magic healing light particles."

Isabella gave a blank stare, "Even I know that move."

"We both can use Light Magic." Patri faces her with a fond smile, "However, you use another too."

"Eh! She uses another!" Valtos exclaimed in surprise.

Patri turned to Valtos, "Valtos, I want you to get me both the kids. The Anti Magic boy and the blind girl. It doesn't matter if any of them are badly hurt. They should be alive."

"As you wish master."

Patri made more swords from his magic.

Yami then looks at Patri, "You ready to go?" He asked Asta.

HE WAS SERIOUS!? Asta's eyes were no longer present in him, "Sir, I can't do what you just did. You know I don't have magic."

"I'm not talking about that last attack, you moron. I meant this move where you block all of this light attacks, see." He says as he slashes the lights that came to him.

"How do I do it when I don't even know it's there?"

"Just explain it to him." Isabella said as she caught a light sword and held it. She clanged at the thing like she was holding a teddy bear.

Yami then began to explain Asta about Qi while Isabella was making herself busy with Valtos who was trying to capture her. The blind Golden Dawn just dodged his attack with ease or just counters them back with her light made sword and shield.

Having enough of it, she teleported next to Valtos and used a music spell, causing the Spatial Mage to fall asleep. Valtos was down.

"You know..." Patri spoke looking to Isabella who teleported back to Asta and Yami, "You never attack to harm anyone. That will be your undoing someday."

Isabella stares at Patri, "You are not evil. You are just misunderstood."

"Do you really think I can change?"

"You will, once you know what you truly are fighting for."

Patri blinked in surprise and confusion, What does she mean?

"Hey lovebirds, watcha talkin' about?" Yami then spoke.

"I put his minion to sleep for a while." Isabella spoke, "He'll wake up eventually and then Asta will fight him."


Yami lets out a puff of smoke from his mouth, "There's a saying where I'm from. Whatever happens a warrior never backs of against his words. You did say you were going to be the Wizard King, right? This is where you have to push past you limits. If you don't then your life will end here."

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