Chapter 61 (To keep his form save...)

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"Now, here is your punishment. Light magic: ARROWS OF JUDGEMENT!"

As par his command, the sword slowly but surely, began to descend down. The bright sky filled with the arrows of judgment simply made all the inhabitants of the Clover Kingdom quarrel in fear and anticipation. Few prayed to an unseen force while some called out to get the Magic Knights. But all of them were accepting the fact that this was perhaps the end for them all.

Julius watched with wide eyes, slowly reminiscing everything that had happened in his life as a magic knight and how he so wished to create a future where everyone can live in peace.

Patri couldn't stop the grin spreading on his face at the vulnerability displayed by the Wizard King. He can literal taste the sweet victory at the tip of his tongue. So close! He was going to win.

He readied his light made sword, ready to strike him when he felt someone grabbed onto his wrist. With a gasp, he turned to see the last face in his mind.

Isabella, who firmly hold onto his wrist, showing no strength and willingness of letting him go, stared at him dead in the eye. She was not going to let him fall in the darkness.

"Don't do this Patri!" Isabella spoke with a stern voice, "If you do this then there will be no turning back."

"There never was a turn back, Isabella." Patri frowned, as he straightened to face her, "This Kingdom must pay for what it has done to my people."

"Are you willing to kill all innocents who never were involved in this?" Her frown deepened, "Are you willing to let a murder tag painted on you? Do you think Licht would ever want this?"

"Licht was the one who made sure it happened." Patri retorted, "You don't know us Isabella. You don't know me!"

She stared into his soul, scrutinizing his pattern. The tall tree basking in the sun...

Her frown turned into a dispirited look, "Would William ever want this?" His anger was cut short as his whole body was consumed with utter bewilderment. His heart skipping thousands of beat in a single second.

"you knew..."

"I always knew about you and William being the same person." Patri gawked, "I wanted to stop you and William by giving you small hints. Dropping down a bombshell was not something I intended to do. But you left me no choice. Please Patri... don't do this. For your safety. And William's sake. Please do not fall to the darkness."

Her blind eyes were pleading him to not do this. He wanted to refuse. He wanted to just hold onto her and smooth of the pain she was feeling. But how can he do this, when revenge was just a few moments away from them?

But nevertheless, his own anger faded into genuine sadness. He could never be angry at the blind girl.

Undoubtedly, they both loved her so...

He closed his eyes, "No dear. He would never want this..."

His other hand began to move behind his back. A golden light forming from behind.

"But I would. So please. Stay. Away."

With that, he brought his hand, blasting a huge light onto Isabella. The impact of the light was great enough to push her out of the way, sending her down below.

With tears now pouring out from both of his eyes, as one of his eyes momentarily flashed purple, he turned, readying his sword to strike the Wizard King down.

Though, throughout his entire venture, he still could not forget Isabella's disappointed look...


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