Chapter 58(A life Changing Decision)

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It was the evening hour as the Captain Mereoleona stood on top of the building, where all the Royal Knights were currently having dinner. As the others enjoyed, she stayed on watch. The fearsome Captain of the Crimson Lion King stood with a posture of a ruler ready to give order anytime soon.

Footsteps were heard as a familiar man with a braid hanging in front of his face approached her. With a stoic expression he stood next to her. Both stayed silent for a good ten seconds.

"Nozel, what is it you like to discuss with me?" The sister of Fuegoleon asked sharply.

"The fact we are taking three days to set our plan into motion..." he spoke, "Isn't that too cautious?"

"What are you implying?" Her eyes shifted to her fellow captain, "Do you think I'm some sort of a paranoid coward?"

Nozel give a pause, "No." He answered, "It appears my reservations were unfounded."

She gives a small huff, amusement clearly shown within her sea blue eyes, "Somebody is a fast learner. I set up a trap to find out the extent to which the enemy knows our movements. Everything is under control. Now then, I have a question too..."

She snapped her gaze behind her, "Did you really believe that you could deceive me with such an incipit spell?"

Her shadow... or rather someone with a magic who could morph with the shadow, panicked and began to flee. He was out of luck as Nozel and Mereoleona, together stopped him with ease. There was no way he could have run, not when the silver spear and fire claw was around.


"Patri, what on earth did you do that for?"

"Don't look at me! It's not my fault that these pathetic human lots are too loyal."

"Oh just drop it! The Wizard King was already onto us and now the Royal Knights are going to attack the Eye of the Midnight Sun tomorrow, first thing in the morning. This was scheduled after three days, not the next day!"

Patri sighed. "Well, Isabella won't be around to help them so... thank goodness."



Her eye fluttered open, greeting her room's ceiling. The rays of sun beamed inside the room from the opened extravagant decorated window. The wind gently blew, with the curtains moving in grace.

Isabella tiredly looked around and attempted to get up. She sat up rubbing her face with her hands. How long had she been asleep? What happened when she was awake?

Soon memories began to surface as she remembered yellow, dark green...

And red...

"Wait?" She spoke to herself, "How did I get over here?"


The blind girl looked up to notice the familiar silhouette of trees and leaves in front of her. The white color glowed brightly with relief and happiness.


William hurried towards the girl, embracing her ever so tightly.

"I'm so happy you're okay!"

Isabella was dazed as she looks in confusion.

"Captain, what's going in?" She asked looking here and there; she obviously seemed uncomfortable with how her squad captain was acting. She never felt any emotion like this before. It felt so longing but at the same time, it made her unsure. Was she capable to even feel this way? Or from anyone?

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