Black clover: Blinded Totality (Arc 4 Final)

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Within a leaf of a clover there is integrity, hope and love." Isabella silently narrated.

Asta was looking ahead with wide eyes. There stood Yuno and the other members of the Golden Dawn, having a golden aura around them, along with red markings.

Asta gawked with disbelief. Rhya looked at the scene with a smirk on his face.

Yami gritted his teeth as he faced the other elves.

"In the fourth leaf..."

A huge light crashed down with intensity. The light died down, showing Isabella, as she stood still. She lifted her head up, opening her blind eyes.

"There resides good luck."

Rhya gasps in surprise as he noticed Isabella's pointy ears. She was an elf.

"And in the fifth leaf...?" William asked as he stood behind her.

Isabella cups William's cheek as he slumbered... what she can describes as Patri and William's subconscious state.

"And in the fifth leaf..."

Isabella stares at a giant dark figure, hovering over her.

Licht, with hazy eyes, gives her a smile.

"A demon..."

A dark figure materializes itself, forming into a hideous creature with horns.

A dark claw touches a mirror.

Within her own dark visions, Isabella sees a figure of little boy running passed her.

"... Resides within."

Author's note:

Greeting everyone,

So very sorry for not updating for a good three months... again...

But here we are at the last arc of this story! Yay!

This part is only the trailer of arc 4, not a chapter. I will take some time to write down the next chapter. Do not worry. I am not going to leave this story.

And as always, thanks you all so very much for your everlasting support and for continuing to read this work of mine. 

As always, stay safe and healthy everyone.


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