Chapter 31 (The Assembling at the Royal Capital)

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It was the day to report to the Wizard King regarding their dungeon mission. She along with Klaus, Yuno and Mimosa headed toward the castle to meet the Wizard King. The royal capital was as marvellous as ever as all four of them walked up to the high road to reach their destination.

"Enormous! Gigantic!"

"You're still going on about that? It's not that special you know."

The four turned to see Asta and Noelle approaching their destination.

"Oh, it's them." Mimosa said.

Asta waved, eyes sparkling as star were there, "Why if it isn't the members of the Golden Dawn! Hello there!"

"Hey! We haven't seen you since the dungeon, Asta. I assume you cam to make your report too. "Klaus smiled as he walks towards the Black Bull. He gently placed his hands on Asta's shoulder, "Is you wound all healed up?"

"Yeah!" her replied cheerfully, pumping his fist, "My stomach hurts a little but after lots of food and sleep I bounced back."

"Such a child." Yuno said coolly.

"WHOSE A CHILD HERE!? Asta busted out his blood vessel.


"YOU'RE AT THE SAME AGE AS ME YOU KNOW!" He then stopped and noticed Mimosa who was behind the group, next to Isabella. She flinched, "Hey, I really owe you one, Mimosa. Thanks so much for patching me up." Mimosa nervously skipped off away from the group, making Asta confused, "Hmm? What's wrong? Why'd she run away?"

"She was probably shocked too see how shorted your arm is than she imagined it too be. So..." Yuno thought out loud too irritate the short teen.

"AND WHAT THE HELL THAT'S SUPPOSE TO MEAN? HUH!?" Asta charged at Yuno who blocked Asta by his face. Nero flew off Asta.



"Just give up."

The said anti magic bird sat on Isabella's shoulder and stare at her with a monotone look. The blind girl smiled, petting the bird, "Hello there Secre. How have you been?" The bird made a small cooing noise. Isabella just smiled softly at her.

Noelle approached Mimosa who was still nervously shaking, "What's wrong, Mimosa?" Mimosa sighed, her face was red with flustered. Noelle looks in worry, "You alright?"

"I don't know what to do!" Mimosa began cupping both of her hand to her face, "Please help me!" She looks at Noelle, "It's um... Asta. When I see him, I get this weird feeling in my chest. Since that day in the dungeon, he's all I can think about. It's awful! I don't know what's gotten into me!" Noelle freaked out, her eyes no longer at their place, "And I ran away from him. Do you think he's going to hate me now?"

Noelle began to rant with a small blush in her face, "What can you possibly see in him!?" Isabella soon approached the two with Nero on her shoulder, "He's a low born, middle brain, loud mouth runt!"

Mimosa gave a hearted laugh, "I think all of those are part of his charm honestly. So much life in such a compact package." She giggled, "Could this be?" She squeaked.

"No! No! No! Not that muscle bound freak! "Noelle tried to denied it for her, wait, hold on! Why am I so worked up about this? No! Not a chance! Me and him? no! never!

The two royals began to squeaked holding their heads while Isabella and Nero looks silently.

"What's all the moaning about?" Klaus hummed in question.

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