Chapter 45 (Her Degree of Trust)

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It was the afternoon hours as everyone were back at their bases. Isabella sat near a window, holding onto Asta's Grimoire. Nearby was Asta lying on the bed, snoring as loudly as an alarm bell. Noelle and Klaus were also nearby. Klaus was placing a wet cloth on Asta's forehead while Noelle was sitting nearby.

"Man, I can't believe I wasn't there to help out." Noelle sighed in frustration.

"You were there for the villagers. That was more than enough to help us." Isabella said as turned to Noelle, a hand still placed on the Five Leaf Clover Grimoire as it rested on her lap.

"Yeah but, I wish I could help in fighting the Eye of the Midnight Sun."

"It's alright Noelle." Klaus then piped in, "Your job was to get the children back to the village. That was the mission and you and the others succeeded in that."

"Yeah, you're right." Noelle then lands her eyes on Isabella holding on to Asta's Grimoire, "Say Izzy, why are you holding onto Shrimpsta's Grimoire?"

"I was about to ask too." Klaus blinked in confusion, entering in the conversation.

Isabella looks down at the Grimoire. She was looking at the red haunting aura coming from it, "I don't know."

"What?" They both asked in confusion.

"It's not like I really don't know." She looks outside the window, "It's just, I feel like if it's with me... even for a while... I think I can keep it save." She looks back at the duo, "Besides, Asta's still sleeping. And the Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun wanted this Grimoire back. I feel like they will come back for it." Her grip around the Grimoire tightened.

"That's true." Noelle sighed, "I wonder what's so special about it? I mean it looks like a ratty old Grimoire."

"It has anti magic so..." Klaus mused.

"It belonged to the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Master." Isabella spoke as she placed a hand underneath her chin.

"So wait." Noelle interrupted, "The one you fought was not the leader?"

"The one we fought was the leader. But the Leader's Master might be more of his teacher or the one who he was raised by."

"Oh." The royal flicked her hair to the side arrogantly, "I knew that."

Isabella then stared back at the Grimoire, "Hey, is it okay if I can keep this Grimoire with me, once Asta's awoken. I need to inspect it a bit."

"It would be better if you ask Asta once he's awake." Klaus straightened his glasses.

"It's true." She looks at the clover, "I need to see what I can find in it." She looks at Klaus, "I promise I'll give it back. You can even place someone for supervision-"

"Now now!" Klaus shook his head, "There's no need. Asta trusts you enough. So you can keep it for a while."

Isabella smiled, "Thanks Klaus."

Noelle flicked her hair, "I suppose I can let you have it."

Isabella nodded with a smile.

Isabella soon left the infirmary room of the Golden Dawn base and began to walk around the hallway. The sun was at its highest. The fountain nearby sprinkled in water with elegance. The sound of the sprinkle and the birds crippling made the silence peaceful enough for Isabella to remain calm.


The blind girl stopped at her track and turned, only to narrow her eyes. She was looking at the Captain alright. But his color and patterns... Even the silhouette...

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