Chapter 48 (The Promise of Eternity)

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The wind gently blows past a magnificently large, lush green tree, decorated with mystical flowers of pink and white. The clouds above, passed by the tree, shielding it from the sun for a brief moment.

Two individuals appeared by. One was a tall slender-framed elf with white skin and somewhat effeminate facial features and gold eyes. His white hair was pulled back into a single braid. He was wearing ancient robes that were in light blue color.

The other was a teenage girl about thirteen to fifteen years as she held onto the male elf's hand. Just like him, she also had pointy ears. Her strawberry blonde hairs danced within the wind as they brushed past her dull green eyes. Her eyes held no light in them. She was blinded to the world's beauty. She wore a full sleeves white frock and a white trouser that came till her ankles. She was bare foot as she walked with her companion, feeling the softness of the grass beneath her.

They both soon reached the tree.

The tree did not look like the ones around the area. It was unique just by looking at it. On its dark brown surface, there were numerous hand prints, engraved on the tree on different angles. Some hands were joined together. Someone's' pinkie was out, joined with another ones. All sort of hand prints were there.

The male turned to the little girl with a smile. The little girl looks at the male in confusion. She glances back up at the tree. Through her eyes, she was viewing the tree differently from the male. Instead, all she saw was the silhouette of the tree and how it was covered with the color of light green and purple. Along with that, the hand prints showed the color of white, grey, dark green, dark blue, and all sort of colors on them. Why on earth was it like that?

"Why are we here, Licht?" The girl asked

"This is the tree of promise." Licht gestured at the tree behind him, "This tree is said to hold onto the promises that people make with each other. It is said that this tree is connected to a very special Grimoire that no one has ever seen before."

"A special Grimoire?"

Licht nodded, "Yes, this Grimoire is said to be known as the Mother of all Grimoires. The strongest of all the Grimoires. And since this tree is connected to the Grimoire, the Grimoire keeps the promises eternal..."

The little girl was finally getting to what her friend was trying to say, "Then that would that the promise we are about to make..."

"... Will officially become a promise for eternity."

"And that is supposed to mean that...

"... That whatever time, shape, form or period that takes place in the future, we would keep this promise till the bitter end. Even after our deaths."

"And we are here because..."

Licht grinned, "... We are here because we made a promise to protect each other at the bitter end."

The young girl blinked, "But... wasn't our promise was to keep you save till the wedding was over?"

Licht scratched his cheek a little, "Yeah, but we also promised that if I were to fall in doom or something bad, you would catch me. And in return, if something bad happens to you... I'll catch you..."

The lass just look at Licht with a blank expression.

Licht sighed, kneeling down to her height, "Isabella, you're not positioning yourself as someone weak, are you?"

The young girl, Isabella, looks away in discomfort. A sad expression on her delicate face, "What do you see in me?"


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