Chapter 16(The disturbance that surrounds)

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It was now noon as Isabella walked in the headquarters, with William next to her. The young girl had her hair in a high pony with few of her bangs out almost covering her left eye. As always, William and Patri finds her cute. Although they would never admit it out loud.

Ever since Isabella removed his scar, he had been more into her, always going to where she would be. The young girl of course noticed this. She would even find him following her through her blind visions. She would just stop to wait for him to come forward or she would go to him and walk with him. Right now she did the latter. She was walking side by side with her captain, talking about her grocery shopping that he gave her.

"The wizard king gave me a star?" Isabella asked in confusion and surprise.

"Yes." William nodded, "The squad would each get stars for the good deeds done for the kingdom or at any mission accomplishment."

"Why did I have one? All I did was grocery shopping."

Wow! This girl seriously doesn't take credits. Patri thought.

William chuckled, "Well, the wizard king said that you stopped one of the most wanted thief from the capital. That's why."

"Really, that guy with the ridiculously high level of dimness I've seen in years? The poor man."

William and Patri couldn't tell what she means but they can tell whatever she saying must was meant something, "Yeah, I guess." Then William thought of something, "Come to think of it, how much do you trust me now?"

Patri's light snickering echoed within his mind; You already know the answer William.

Isabella placed her fingers in a thinking manner, "It was twelve, right? So on a few more levels of growth..." William looks at her. Patri thinking about it through William's mind, "I guess about twenty percent."


Both William and Patri thought mentally.

"That's it?" William asked.

You are at the same level as me? Patri spluttered.

Isabella gave a sheepish smile, "I'm sorry. I'm still not too comfortable. I really need to do something with this."

William just gave a side glance; Words really can't help her, its actions.

Action speaks louder than words. Patri thought the same.

Before anyone could say a word, Isabella jerked up. She turned around, her pony hitting her chest from the front. She could feel it. The agony. The agony of the innocent. Through her vision, it seemed fine. But this dreadful feeling in her was something else. Within her blind visions, she sent her waves. Showing some dull white color with red on them. Her eyes widened.

William stopped walking, noticing Isabella not next to him, "Bella?" William turned, eyeing the girl dumbfounded.

Idiot! Don't call her that! Patri screamed in William's mind.

Isabella was now glaring at what she was looking. She began to walk fast, William following her behind.


Other members were also looking as William chased the blind girl.

"Bella, wait!"

Isabella was now outside of the base, looking at the horizon, the sun still up.


William hurried towards her, placing a hand on her shoulder, "What happened? You just walked of like that?"

Isabella stared at him until she turned to the front, now pointing, "Something bad is happening there."

"What?" William was confused.

"Bad people are trying to attack good people over there." She replied.

"But..." William looks at where she was pointing, finding clear forest, "But there is nobody there."

Isabella then began to glow with her mana, making William back off, "Isabella, what are you-" Before he can even finish his sentence, the blind girl disappeared, leaving golden sparks at her place, before disappearing themselves.

"What!" William looks here and there, turning around, "Where did she go?"

Isabella was now in front of brick made village with fog around the surroundings. The outside post showed the name, Saussy village. But the girl knew better what the fog was as she can see purple all around her.

"High level magic being released around the village" She spoke to herself.

She then sent her mana around her surroundings trying to understand where she was. She soon indicated a board with words written. She walked towards it. Isabella traced the outline of the words, getting a little dirty on her hand. She rubbed her fingers with one another.

"Saussy village..." She spoke the name thoroughly.

Soon she heard screams and gasping. Not wasting time, she rushed to the voices. She ran inside the village only to find a bunch of people all on their knees, fearing for their lives. One of them was standing using his Grimoire on the other four people whose souls were white but dull and had red spots.

The man with his soul white in color having small black patterns of spots in him, used his Grimoire. Isabella indicated the golden color as she stares the Grimoire. The man shot his hand to the side, multiple purple sword came out. The swords were shot, only for them to be blocked by the opponent's magic that was a huge purple fist. Isabella however felt what the fist was made from as she sends her music waves to indicate. It was made of ice. Every time the swords were shot, it would be blocked.

The opponent with red spots used his ice magic sending out ice bullets. He then threw all the bullets on the man protecting the people. Before it could hit the man, a gold light made shield was protecting him and the people.

"What the!" The man shouted.

The shield was still surrounding the people, Isabella walked towards the man with red spots who was actually dress in blue robes and had big scar on his right side of the fore head.

The man in blue noticed the girl wearing golden dawn robe, "Wait a second..." the man gaped looking at the robe.

Isabella gave a calm glare, making the man and his followers back of a little. The glare was chilling to the bones.

"Try hurting them again..." Isabella spoke darkly, "and you'll regret being alive."


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