Chapter 29 (The Meaning of the Fifth Leaf)

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Few days after the mission, Isabella was spending more time in the library, trying to find out more about the past and the hidden secrets. She would even take William's permission to go out to the public library to find out more.

Her main objective was the Grimoire that Asta now held. A Grimoire that's barely recognizable to anyone's eyes, except hers. She knew exactly what it was... or at least what it could be...

A five leaf clover Grimoire. She could still remember its pressuring mana and the dark aura. It was haunting! Just what exactly was it? And how did Asta even received it?

She soon felt a hand sliding on her head. She looks up to see William standing behind her with a graceful smile on his face.

"Why hello there, dear." He greeted her with his signature smile.

"Hello Sir." Isabella said as she tipped her head down a little.

William took the seat next to her. They were in library, "You have been spacing out for a while. Mind telling me why?"

Isabella just sighed and answered him, "Honestly Sir, I really have no excuse."

William just softly smiled at her, "I've heard that you always wake at dawn hours."

Isabella gave a small smile, "It is a habit a mine. I just love the hour of dawn and the breeze. I love to walk in the open fields during dawn. It's just so refreshing. It feels like all my worries are gone."

"I see..." He then changed the subject, "It comes to my knowledge that you fought bravely in the dungeon."

"Literally all of us battled so hard, good Sir." Isabella smiled, "Even the members of the Black Bulls were there. I believe, if it weren't for them, we would have never been able to get out of there alive." She then sighed, "Forgive us for not concurring the dungeon the way you wanted."

William laughed shaking his head, "What are you talking about? You brought tremendous amount of fortune. The Wizard King is doing the best he can to use them for the right cause. Most of these are being used in the Forsaken Realm and even in the recent plague that broke out few years ago. I'm just glad that none of you died in vain. As Magic Knights, it is us who must protect our people. We must live to protect others."

"Thank you very much Sir." Isabella smiled.

"Oh, I also wanted to say that the cooks were grateful of the way you choose the vegetables and fruits this week." Isabella hummed in question, "Apparently, there had been a famine in one of the villages to which the vegetables this year are not good. In the market, some unrefined vegetables were sold out. But you choose the vegetables just right; that the cooks were impressed and we got literally no bad vegetable this week." He smiled sweetly, "They are very thankful."

"It was nothing sir."

Soon a Golden Dawn mage came inside, "Excuse me, sir."

William turned, nodding, "Right. Excuse me, Isabella."

Isabella was back at drawing while William was hearing what the mage was saying, "A new star? What? Alright then." He then smiled, "Very well, thank you for reporting." The mage left, with William going back to Isabella, taking the seat next to hers, "It seems that someone from above has blessed the Golden Dawn squad with many bounties."

Isabella just nodded, continues to draw. William then notice what she was doing, "Is that a five leaf clover?" He asked in surprise. Isabella again nodded, "Why make that?" William asked. This time the girl didn't answer him. Once she was done with the drawing. She began to label the leaves.

William looks at Isabella and back at the clover. What was she doing? Once she was done, William notices that one of the leaves of the clover was labelled; instead, it was colored red and black. It gives him chills just by watching it.

"In a Grimoire, there are three leaf clovers." Isabella spoke, she began to gesture in her book and the diagram, "In the leaves of the clover are said to each contain one thing. In the first three dwell integrity, hope and love. The fourth leaf is given to over good luck. Four wonderful things in a clover. Anyone would want it." She then began to gesture the fifth leaf, "The fifth leaf... this one gives me a heavy dreadful aura. An aura that is so haunting. I have no idea what had happened or how this clover Grimoire exists."

"But..." She gives a determined look, "I know for fact that this Grimoire, it's seemingly corrupted by disparity. Something evil has taken over it. And only time itself will tell whether it's a friend or foe..."

William was in complete bewilderment, he had no idea what to say. Patri also looks with wide eyes, just what could she mean?

Isabella sighed, "I'm sorry to say such rubbish. I guess I'm just over thinking it."

"It's... alright, child." William blinked. Sweat visibly dripping down his cheek. Whatever she just spoke out brought chill to his and Patri's spines.

Isabella looks down at her book, she then closed it with her hands, sighing, "Seems like sleep is taking over me, huh?"

William gave out a nervous chuckle, "It could be..."

She stood up, bowing to him, "I should go now. Have a nice day Captain Vangeance."

He tipped his head, "Thank you, dear. Make sure to be fresh at all times. In two days you will go to the royal capital to meet the Wizard King."

Isabella blinked a little until she smiled, "Very well." She waved him bye with William waving back at her.

William then let out a sigh.

William, what was she talking about? Patri spoke out, completely perplexed and yet petrified by what the young lass just said.

"I..." William tried to form words, "... I really don't know..."

Isabella reached her room, going straight to the study table, keeping the book on top of the table. She pulled the chair out sitting and flipped the pages open. She then reached the page where she made the five leaf clover. She stared at the illustration thoroughly.

She began to remember the first time she felt the haunting mana of the Grimoire and the swords. She then remembered how the Grimoire can counter the attacks and how it can combine itself with other magics. She still remembered the sword combining with Noelle's water magic.

Asta has no clue what these swords are, Isabella thought as she stares at the page, and yet, those swords...

She knew that she has to take steps in order to know more about the swords and the Grimoire.

A flash back of Asta presenting his Grimoire to her flashed in her head. She still remembered the haunting red aura and its color.

She sighed, taking out a pencil from the pen holder on the table and wrote something.

In the page, she marked on the fifth clover.

There lives the devil...

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