Chapter 53(A Lone Heart Beats)

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(There will be scene that no one of you will be aware off. It will be mentioned later in the chapter. Do not worry. This scene will be explained during elves attack arc)

Patri sighed in boredom as he watched Isabella buying some fruits and delicious sweets from the nearby shop in the forsaken realm. After what had happened under the tree of promises, Isabella insisted that she and Patri could spend some time together before she had to go back to the base. Patri didn't like the idea at first, but had to tag along thanks to William, who insisted, saying that he should spend more "quality time" with her. So tagging along with Isabella seemed to be the only thing he can do which he embarrassingly can say, that he enjoyed as well.

It made him wonder just how long has it been for him and Isabella to have peaceful conversations likes these. Ever since the attack at the capital, he never really got in touch with her, as he? It has been like this for few days. He really should catch up with her for all that's going on. Perhaps a heart to heart with some he could trust outside...

But Isabella still doesn't trust him that much. It made him wonder, exactly how much Isabella trusted him again...


The older of the two mage snapped from his thoughts as he noticed Isabella holding onto a basket with fruits and sweet items.

"What's all this? Did your captain asked for such things?" Patri tilted his head a little, folding his arms together.

Isabella shook her head, "No, it's for us."

His face fell, "Say what?"

"Yeah. We should have a small picnic together."

Patri give an awkward look. Isabella can clearly see the strange nervousness he was developing within his patterns, "What?"

"You mean, after an entire conversation we had together, about me destroying the kingdom and all... and you expect us to be... okay about it...?"

Isabella just shrugged, "Well, you haven't done anything about it... except busting up captain Fuegoleon's arm. But let's not talk about these things and get to talk about other things. Where we can have our small talks with no anger issues. That is if you are okay with it...?

If anyone could look at the face Patri was making right now they'd be laughing out loud. The hilariously bewildered look the light mage gave was a sign that he was finally losing it.

What the heck is wrong with this girl?

Patri, be nice. William spoke within his mind; she's just trying to set things right between you two.

I know but... Patri still cannot comprehend the words he wish to say to the blind mage, after everything I had done to her, she expect everything to be... okay?

William simply sighed. Even he was also out of words to speak when it comes to these issues.

"Patri?" Isabella called out.



He looks at Isabella with a frown, "Fine, let's have a small picnic."


The mystical Forest of witches was finally at peace after the attack from the Diamond Kingdom mages and the Eye of the Midnight Sun. The young witches' gossip about, hoping they would never return and how they would teach them a lesson if they do come back.

Meanwhile inside the castle of the queen witch, Asta and his friends were presented in front of the queen's throne, discussing of the current situation. Much to their astonishment, the queen of witches gave them the magic stone that they were after, but not really aware about, thus, making the situation itself even better.

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