Chapter 22(Secrets hidden within the unknown...)

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One of the hooded mages used a fire magic spell, throwing a couple of fire balls at Yuno and Isabella. Yuno dodged them while Isabella created a barrier, protecting herself. Yuno created a puff of wind within his hand, throwing it at one of the fireballs. The force of the wind and fire together caused a collision, making the attacks disappear.

The mages began to fly around the two members. One of them sent out an ice ball towards Yuno, making the boy defend himself with his wind magic. The impact of his magic and the unknown mage's magic collided, making Yuno fall from his broom. He began to fall from the sky.

Before he can reach the forest, as he was midway, a light made portal was made beneath him, making him fall on the portal. He was back on his broom sitting a bit clumsily. He blinked in confusion at what just happened. He looks at Isabella who smiled, nodding to him. He smiled back, nodding back at her in respect.

Isabella turned towards the mages. The mages gritted their teeth, readying their attacks. In a blink of an eye, Isabella released a music wave, causing the mages to fall from their brooms. The mages fall with their brooms in to a nearby forest.

Both the Golden Dawn members flew back to the cart.

"Oh my!" Salim awed with a smile.

"Fantastic, Yuno and Isabella!" Mimosa squeaked.

Interesting. Klaus observed the pair; It didn't look like they were coming after Salim.

They soon landed in the forest.

"Well done!" Salim praised, "You really saved me back there. So efficiently too, impressive!" he began to walk in front of Yuno, "I didn't even have to cast my holy lightening raising Salim spell." Yuno turned to him, "My interest in you is thoroughly peeked."

"Oh wait, I have an idea!" Salim spoke with a hint of excitement, "Why don't we pay a quick visit to that village of yours. It would be fascinating to see where you were raised. I wonder perhaps it was the environment that made you so powerful." He placed a hand on his chin.

"Pardon, sir." Klaus spoke up, "But that would require a quiet of detour." He moved close to the noble, "Also the risk, as we just seen we don't know what's in stored for us. Now please, let's head straight to the-"

"It doesn't matter who attacks us." Salim cuts him off gently with a wave of his hand, "Because I have the four of you to protect me, right?"

"Well, yes. Of course, sir." Klaus still insisted, "But still, a noble visiting a commoner's village?"

"Oh please, we're only stopping by."

"Yes, sir."

"Besides, after so long away, Yuno must be eager to see everyone from the church. Am I right?"

"That's really none of your concern."

"Now! Now!"

And so they were now at hage. The sun was almost down. The clouds were giving the shade of pink and orange with sun setting.

Salim then turned in awe, smiling, "Oh, look at that!" The giant skeleton of the demon was there. It was a skull that had two horns, with the right horn broken. There were three holes on the skeletons face, "The skeleton I take it." They pass by the skeleton, "Well, it's certainly large."

Isabella was staring at the skeleton with her mouth gaping. She was seeing the yellow object in front of her. It was enormous! She can definitely tell where the eyes and the mouth were.

This demon had three eyes? Isabella thought to herself.

"And I assume that the statue on top of its head in first Wizard King? How fascinating."

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