Chapter 13(The colors of the kingdom)

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William was walking in the corridors to reach the dining room. The seven in the morning sun bathed on his masked face, something he considered losing off. But he just couldn't as everyone in the kingdom were used to his mask. They all admired William for who he is.

William soon noticed Isabella ahead of him, walking towards the dining room. He silently caught up to her. Before he can say a word...

Isabella stopped and turned with a smile, "Hello Captain."

William stopped at his place, completely speechless.

How the hell did she know that we were behind her!? Patri screamed in his mind

Isabella walked towards the captain and pointed at him, "My music waves showed your color pattern. It was nearby."

William smiled from his surprise, "As expected from you."

Isabella gave a small smile, "Well then, let's go to the dining hall then. You have a lot of work to do. While I have to do my second mission."

William grinned, "That you have."

This girl is something to be proud off. Patri chuckled.

They soon entered the dining room, almost everyone were there. Isabella then spotted the form of Mimosa and Yuno. She smiled excusing herself from the captain. She, however, was stopped by William who placed a hand on her shoulder. She looks at him who gestured her to wait by his side.

Soon few of the higher up knights came in front of them.

"Captain, how you are feeling?" One of them asked.

"I'm doing well." William smiled at them, "Thank you for asking."

"We're happy that you are in good health Captain!"

"We will always follow you!"

Some then turned to Isabella who stared at the ground with her blind eyes. After few moments, most of the knights began to bow on their knees. Even Alecdora and Langris too. Seeing this made Isabella look at the Captain, who looks at her. She quickly began to bow, only to be stopped by William who placed both his hand on her arms. He shook his head.

"They are doing it for you."

Isabella blinked in confusion, "Me?"

"Yes, young lady." Langris spoke.

Yuno and Mimosa were surprised as their mouths dropped opened by such formality. Isabella just blinked, looking ahead.

"You have saved our Captain. The best thing to do is repay you by showing you respect. You are far more powerful than us nobles. You are our Captain's healer. Thank you for everything, Lady Isabella."

They all had their heads down as a respect. Mimosa cheered while Yuno smiled. Klaus was also amongst the higher ups, bowing.

Isabella turned to the Captain, who smiled, petting her hair softly.

Are we going to call her the Princess of Golden Dawn squad now? Parti snickered.

Isabella quietly gasped looking at William, "Did you say something?"

William's smile dropped while Patri gasped, "No..."

Did she just... whatever Patri had to say died in his mouth.

Isabella could tell one thing was the fact that her time in the Golden Dawn squad was going to be interesting.

Dinner time was over and William and Isabella were now in William's office.

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