Chapter 23 (The Dungeon)

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The lush green hill stood tall as the trail was decorated with green grass and tiny, colorful flowers around the area. The wind blew gently, the clouds moved in a motion. Butterflies fluttered around the flowers. All of this seemed peaceful as a lone male sat on a boulder, buried within the ground of the hill, with his legs dangling.

The male was tall, slender-framed elf with white skin and somewhat effeminate facial features and gold eyes. His white hair was pulled back into a single braid. He was wearing ancient robes that were in light blue color.

He looks at the sky in thoughts, Again it was heard that humans tried to attack us elves. Although... it is just a rumor. Soon a day will come where we elves would understand the humans. Yes, I know for a fact we will understand. He smiled to himself, thinking positively.

"Excuse me?"

He turned around to see a short girl, nearly around the age thirteen of fifteen walking towards him from behind. The girl was short and slender with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes that didn't seem to have light in them. She wore a white frock that came till her knees. Her frock was of full sleeves and her leg was was covered in a white trouser that came till her ankle.

He then noticed that the girl had pointy ears. She was an elf.


The girl looks at the man, her lips parted in surprise as she saw the man. The male elf too was a bit surprised by the sudden appearance of the newcomer. He has never seen her around. And he was the leader of all the elves no less.

"Can you tell me where I am?"


The golden dawn base was busy as ever as member went from here and there. The sun shined bright as it was above the earth. The members were at their normal routine. A certain blind girl was walking in the corridors. Her wavy strawberry blonde hair was tied in a single high ponytail. Her diamond shape face shined as the sun rays bathed on her face. Her green visionless eyes remained lifeless as usual. But she didn't mind anything. She was dressed in new outfit. Young Isabella began to remember as she was given these new clothes.

 Young Isabella began to remember as she was given these new clothes

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She was inside the office with William as he handed her a box with light decorations in blue. Isabella can tell through her visions and music waves that whatever he was giving her was an object since it was yellow. She slowly reached her hands, taking the rectangle shape box. She looks at it in confusion and then back at William who gave her a smile.

"What is this, Sir?" Isabella asked, completely confused.

William gave a small chuckle, "Why don't you open it and find out?"

"Right now? Over here?" she further asked.

"Yes." William nodded. "Right here and right now."

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