Chapter 35 (Chasing What One Is After)

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Alecdora stood on a rooftop, staring at the spatial magic user, "Did you think a little distance would be enough to save you?"

"You're back..." The spatial magic user spoke in shock, "How and... so far?"

"We work together to affect our return. The coporation doesn't come naturally to us."

"It's is the duty of all the magic knights to protect the kingdom." Nozel spoke, "If we must work together to do it then so be it."

"What happened here?" Mimosa worriedly asked as she rushed to Feugolean.

"He was badly hurt!" Noelle cried out, "But Isabella managed to heal him up just fine"

"Wow!" Mimosa awed, "Isabella is just so amazing dispite her disability. Somebody check the others." Mimosa warned, "Are they still breathing?"

"Come on Asta. Wake up for me!" Klaus warningly spoke. The magic less boy only gritted his teeth, showing he was fine "Good! He's fine." He then looks at the five unknown mages, "To bring down fighters as strong as these three how powerful are they?"

Isabella approached the two boys, "Asta..." She then turned looking at his Grimoire. She blinked for a couple of times until she reached out, touching the old worn out book.

What felt to her was like an electricity. The haunting mana spreading around her body became overwhelming as she felt images of happiness and disparity filled her mind.


"It's the humans! They are attacking!"


"No way! No way! I won't accept it!"

"I will never forgive them!"

"I'm glad it wasn't you."

"Please forgive me."

"You are the last hope of the peace we dreamed of."

Isabella's eyes were wide open from the memories she received. She panted heavily at what she felt.

"Isabella!" Klaus placed a hand on her shoulder, "Are you alright!" She looks up only for him to gasp, "Isabella, are you okay? You're crying!"

Isabella placed a hand on her cheek feeling it wet. Tears were rapidly spilling out of her eyes like crazy.

Valtos jumped through a portal, standing behind the wind mage, "Our loses would be too high. We must retreat."

"Leaving so soon?" Nozel coldly asked, bringing his Grimoire out, "Mercury Magic: Rain of Silver!"

"Jell magic: Go Sticky Salamander!"

"It will take a far more powerful spell to stand my Mercury Silver Rain."

"Thinks so?" The crazy female mage had a big syringe and insert the needle on the salamander that turned dark pink. "Dark Magic item: Property Boost Absorb!"

The salamander began to absorb the mercury making Klaus worried, "That's impossible! It's soaking up the Captain's magic ability!"

But how? Nozel asked in his thoughts, What sort of magic item is that?

The crazy scientist female waved her hand to the side, ordering the jell made salamander, who grabbed onto the unconscious Asta and Isabella. Klaus could only look.

"Asta!" Klaus called out.

"Isabella!" Dorothy cried out.

Asta and Isabella both were wrapped in the jell as the female levitate the both towards her.

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