Chapter 6(The road to be the wizard king)

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The blind girl was now in front of the captains, holding on to the future wizard king's mask. She moved her hand forward, her hand glowing golden. The balcony was loosening by the barrier; it looked like a screen of a television. William gave her a steady glance, but at the same time, he was shocked.


She's so adorable, All the captains mentally thought.

Isabella gave a small smile as she stood on her broom, joining her feet in v- shape. The captains were gaping at the way she was standing.

Just how comfortable can she get!? They all mentally shouted.

She smiled at William, "Is this your, sir?" she brought his mask forward.

William just stared at her.

"You disgusting bitch!?" one of William's subordinate, Alecdora shouted, "HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE GREAT CAPTAIN OF THE GOLDEN DAWN SQUAD LIKE THAT! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE IN FRONT OF HIM!"

Isabella just gave a glare with her blind eyes, frightening the man. She then calm down, "I'm only here to give this to the captain." She brought her hand to Alecdora, "You can give it to him."

Alecdora snatched the mask. Isabella then floated back to the ground, not before bowing to the captains in respect. Alecdora gave the mask back to William who holds his one hand to place the mask on him, while his other hand covered half of his face.

Yami snorted, "Well goldy, your chance of getting the girl is zero now."

William sighed, "Yes, I suppose it is." He gave a side glare to Alecdora who flinched.

Isabella landed down on the ground, getting of the broom. Asta hurried toward her, "Isabella, you were awesome."

"That's some power you've got..." Yuno said quietly.

"Thank you." Isabella nodded in respect.

After all the matches, in the evening, William then announced, "That concludes the end of exams. When you name is called out, please step forward to know your result."

Charlotte then stood from her seat, "If a captain wants you in his or her squad thy will raise a hand. That means you're in. if you don't wish to join a squad then of course you may have decline. If you are admitted to more than one squad, then it s up to you for which squad you want to join."

"However..." Feugolean gave a catch, "If no squad wants you, then you will not be a magic knight."

Nozel gave a hard look, "In which case you must leave at once."

The crowd began to murmur in concern at the seriousness.

"Examine number one, please step forward."

"Eh? Yes sir."

After a while...

"Number 32... no hands."

"Number 40... no hands."

"Number 45... no hands."

"Number 67... no hands."

Soon a hand was raised by the captain of the purple orcas. The crowd murmured in awe.

"Whoa, so cool!" Asta awed at it.

"Number 71... the Purple Orcas."

"Number 78."

"We'll take this one." Feugolean raised his hand.

"The Crimson Lion Kings."

"Number 99." Dorothy Unsworth raised her hand as she stares, "The Coral Peacocks."

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