Chapter 57 (Battle between His Love and 'His' Hate)

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Her chest heaved up and down as Isabella slept on the bed inside her sleeping chambers in the Golden Dawn base. Ever since her attack at the Star Festival, the Wizard King decided to strengthen the number for patrol more, making mages team up with each other. Isabella was a diligent mage and having her at such condition was devastating. Having one of the powerful mages of Clover Kingdom at their knee was a huge blow to the Kingdom itself. Time was repeating itself if one were to remember Feugoleon at the moment.

William quietly sat on a chair as he watched Isabella sleeping ever so peacefully. It made him smile, knowing that she wasn't in any pain. Despite all that, one thing still hovered in his mind.

Flash back

Right after the announcement of the Clover King was over; he felt an ominous power rushing within the atmosphere. No one seemed to take notice of it as he quickly went away from the stage to where the mana was being felt. When he reached his destination, his blood ran cold with horror.

There on the ground lay Isabella, bleeding. And above her was a man with long white hairs and gold eyes. He had strange red markings at both side of his face. He wore a dress fitted for an ancient warrior of the old times.

It was Licht. Patri's master and friend.

He held his sword aiming right at Isabella. He could still remember the words he spoke to her.

'Will you break our promise just like before?'

What promise was he talking about? Isabella has no idea who Licht was. He himself knew since Isabella asked Patri about it the day they fought. So why was Licht insinuating that she knew him? More importantly, how was Licht able to move when the reincarnation magic hasn't even been launched... yet?

So many questions yet no answers...

Even I don't know the answers too many things... Patri soon spoke.

"I still can't believe it was Licht who attacked Isabella..." William finally spoke, "Do you think Isabella would know if we were to ask?"

I don't think Isabella knows Licht. Patri spoke, I mean she can definitely recognize her killer but... Licht...

"Her attacker is Licht."

Well, I don't know... we just... don't know...

William sighed, "Even Rhya had no idea where Licht had went to. Did you tell him what had happened?"

I did. He was astonished to hear that as well.

Sure enough, Patri did told Rhya about it, who was baffled by such event.

'Damn Patri, if Licht ever hears of this, he would be devastated. He always dreamed of having kids of his own, but harming a little blind girl. That would definitely add more salt to the wound. We should keep a deaf ear to this, for Licht's sake at least.'

William sighed, "Let's just wait until Isabella finally wakes up."

He stared back into Isabella's sleeping figure, who continued to be in a blissful slumber of dreams and nightmares alike.


"I found you, Isa..."

Isabella stood at a good distance from the unknown mage who appeared before her. The wind blew gently as they faced each other. It felt peaceful, but Isabella can feel the growing fear and yet the growing comfort at the same time. It was eerie. The yellow color within the mage, it looked familiar. She had seen it before. Where did she saw this again?

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