Black clover: Blinded Principality (Arc 2)

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Young Isabella's journey continues in the Clover Kingdom ever since she joins the Magic Knights of the great Golden Dawn. Join her journey as she further ventures into the known and unknowns of the world around her. Adoring people by her side... she has nothing to worry about...

However, as our favorite blind girl uses her powers, little by little... a hidden story appears. Just what in the world is going on around her?

Find out more...  

Authors note:

Hello my fellow readers, I just wanted to say... that I will be changing the title of Blinded Progeny back to Blinded Totality. This is because due to reasons that at first I thought that I might have to make another book...but I scrammed the idea and just allowed myself to continue with this book instead.

So here you go! She second arc for black clover Blinded Totality, Blinded Principality!

Perhaps I should list how I'm trying to do... 

Arc 1: Black Clover: Blinded Progeny
Arc 2: Black Clover : Blinded Principality

There will be two more arcs which I will reveal ones they are out but not now, because spoilers would be out (lol) 

This is all I can give. And thank you again, readers and followers in taking time for reading my work. 

... I shall see you all in the first chapter of Black Clover: Blinded Principality...

Thank you!

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