Chapter 3(let's fly with the brooms)

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"In just a few moments, we'll begin the first in a series of tests." William instructed, "The nine magic knight captains would be serving as your judges. When the exam is complete, we will choose who we want in our squad. If chosen, you are in. If more than one squad chooses you; you will decide which to join. However, if you are not selected by any, which means you are deemed unqualified."

Asta gave a determined look, That won't happen, I will be chosen.

Isabella just gave a normal blind stare, looking ahead. (She is not looking up.)

"And now for your first test, you must use the broom given to fly." The Captain of the Golden Dawn squad gives sly smile.

"To fly?" One of the female examines said worriedly.

"I never have done that before." A male examines replied to his partner

"A mage who is in control of his power can do it on his or hers' instinct alone." The Captain explained, a Golden Dawn squad member behind him floating on his broom with ease as an example "It is our most basic way to get from one place to another. If you can't fly on a broom, then you are not worth are time. Enough talk!" He brought his hand out, "Now, begin!"

One by one the examines were using the brooms to fly, one male examine began to float with his broom. He laughed as the other examine next to him also floated, only for him to trip from his own broom.

A female contestant floated as she concentrated, sounding relieve with her attempt.

"This test is an excellent way of examining the examines' basic abilities..." Charlotte scanned the area as the examines used their brooms, she turned her head to her left, "Seems we have number of promising candidates this year."

A few candidates sat on their brooms in the most comfortable way. One of them was Yuno, who stood on his legs as he floated on his broom, moving the broom in a normal speed, going from here and there.

"Hard to believe that a guy from some back water village can do so well!" A male contestant was amazed at Yuno's performance.

"He was chosen by the four leaf clover." One mused.

They soon heard an eking noise from behind, only to notice Asta struggling to use his broom, which was still on the ground as Asta hold onto it.

The magic knight noticed Asta, "What's going on over there?" Feugolean asked as he looks at Asta, "Even if he doesn't have significant amount of power, he should be able to float."

"Heh, can you believe this guy?" One examine chuckled.

"Well that's one down."

"Why did he bother to come?"

Isabella walked towards Asta, until she heard Sekke, "Hey what are you doing? This is the easy part." Asta took notice of Sekke, "Try relaxing your muscles, see..." Sekke was floating on his broom, "It couldn't be that simpler."

Wow! Asta thought, Man that's so AWESOME!

"Don't tense up, let it come naturally."

"Right!" Asta replied with a smile, "Got it, you're a good guy you know." He let himself relax. After a second, "NOPE! STILL NOT HAPPENING!"

Isabella sighed, He doesn't have magic. That why he can't fly a broom. She frowned, That's also why he's having that Grimoire.

She holds on to her broom horizontally, with her right hand. She closed her blind eyes, concentrating her mana on her broom. The captains noticed her.

"What is she doing?" Feugolean asked as her placed his fingers underneath his chin in a thoughtful manner.

"Why she holding her broom like that?" Jack the Ripper asked.

"Her Mana..." Yami then spoke, "She's concentrating her Mana on the broom."

"Interesting..." William spoke.

To their surprise, Isabella, released the broom from her hand, the broom floating on its own. Isabella took few steps back, the broom flowing away, going in every direction. Some examines took notice of the broom, awing in amazement.

"Woah, cool!" Asta replied as he saw the broom.

"Hah- ha!" Sekke exclaimed in shock.

The broom then stopped near Isabella, who sent out her music waves to know its location. Knowing it was right below her, she stepped on it, the broom flying above. Indicating through her waves she stopped near Yuno. She nodded at him, who nodded back.

"Woah!" Rill awed, "Amazing how she did that."

"She's talented alright..." Feugolean remarked.

"Wonder which squad she will join..." The Captains looks at Nozel, who was still looking above at Isabella. He took notice of his surroundings, "what?"

"Was that an option, Sir stuffy pants?" Yami asked with a grin, cigarette still in his mouth.

"I don't need to explain." Nozel said quietly looking at the other examines.

Isabella then turned her head to the Captains' direction. They regardfully stared at her gaze. Yami thoughtfully rolled his cigarette around his mouth as he stared at the girl. William silently stared at Isabella with his purple eyes. The girl turned her head back facing Yuno.

Soon other tests were held out. They were given a brick wall and had to use their magic to aim or destroy it. Sekke with ease shot his attack out. Asta, of course was magic less, so nothing was good for him. The others aimed their attacks, some breaking the wall.

It was Isabella's turn; she aimed her hand on her target. The Captains watched her intently. The girl's hand soon formed a golden ball of light. It then shined beautifully as she released it. At light speed, the ball aimed for the wall, which broke the wall into small pieces.

The examines were clapping and appreciating for the blind girl. Isabella just gave a small smile, through her waves; she can tell that she had impressed pretty much everyone. The Captains were completely at shock as they were gaping.

"Light Magic..." William spoke.

"Impressive. To think that this magic is nowhere to be found." Charlotte spoke.

"Keh, Keh, she'll be worth to slice up!" Jack the Ripper commented.

"There's something I noticed..." Yami then spoke, "I don't know if you have noticed it..." The others turn to him, "But check her eyes out."

The captains did as they were told, leaning lightly to take notice of Isabella's eyes. Her gaze doesn't seem right, as if they were dull to the world.

Some gasped, "Hold on, is she..." Rill asked.

"Think she is..." Yami spoke, "She's blind."

William had his lips parted in shock. Just how can a blind girl be so strong?

"Then..." William spoke, "How is she looking?"

"Beats me..."

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