Chapter 44 (Ytinirt Gnilaes Cigam)

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In the world of dreams, everything seemed completely upside down. This was just how the captain of the coral peacock had pictured her inside mind as. She was childish. But she was strong in her ways. Her team was now striving in stars ever since she woke up. She was incredibly grateful to a lone blind girl that was gifted with magic, a walking mana to be exact.

She was in the dream world examining the image she had made with the help of her slf counterpart. Whatever they had made right now just have them more perplexed and flabbergasted. Just what in the world was about to happen which has something to to with this certain image.

The image showed strange circle formed from the stars. It did no t looked like a perfect shaped. But it was one of a kind. Furthermore, if anyone were to see the circle, it looked like an oval shape...

"So what do you think, Dorothy? "Reve asked.

"To be honest..." Dorothy examined, looking in pure concentration, "I have never, ever seen such patterns like these. And there is nothing like this in any history of the clover kingdom."

"Furthermore..." Reve examined, "These patterns are not just peculiar they are so..."



Dorothy held onto her head in frustration, "God! I feel like my head will burst if we don't figure out what the pattern of these stars actually mean!"

Reve looks at the stars in curious, tapping her finger on her cheek, "Hmm... the way they are arranged. For example, if we take one star in middle..." She gestured with her hand, "Which seems to be surrounded by other three... and are then surrounded by six more..."

"It's almost like these patterns or this symbol is somehow giving us a message that just doesn't point out at all." The lilac Witch sighed, "I still can't believe that my eyes actually caught onto this beauty. It is still a pain that I can't find out anything about it."

Reve crossed her hands, "I'll look more into it to see what I can find more from all of this. If I do, I'll report it to you." Dorothy just nodded. Reve smiled and turned her heel only to gasp.

Dorothy immediately turned, "What is it?"

The elf pointed at the scene. The witch looks only to gasp lightly at what she was looking at.

It was a mirror. The mirror actually was showing how the stars were arranged in reality. No one could have ever predict it if they see it as a first person.

"Is that... a spiral?" Reve asked, still shock.

They both turned back to see the circle and back at the spiral. It seems as their dearm glamour world mirror was showing what those stars, in actual looked like...

"Just what in the world is going on...?" Dorothy asked in shock.


Isabella grabbed onto the hilts of both of the swords. She could feel her mana swelling up the haunting energy from the swords. It began to glow bright in gold.

The Third Eye and the Captains noticed it.

"What is this power?" Rhya asked.

"This immense power. It's amazing!" Vetto awed at the mana he felt.

"Where is it coming from?" Charlotte mumbled. She turned looking at the source. He eyes widened, Isabella?

The swords' glow died down, showing them now in golden. The swords glistened within the huge light that Patri emitted. Isabella holds onto both swords high up, both radiating bright. She could feel the mana in them and her become one.

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