Chapter 64 (The Vow of the Boys of Hage)

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After a long, tiring and absolutely maddening fight from a possessed Marx and Owen, along with a run-in and yet exciting battle with a possessed Captain of the Blue Rose, Charlotte, Yami finally made his way to the infirmary located in the Royal Capital. The Capital itself was a mess in ruins and endless destruction, thanks to the elves. Of course that would not stop the diligent and ruthless Captain of the Black Bulls to stop from fighting. But he need all the backup he can get.

So here he was in infirmary and pretty much busted off Finral's ears as he was having a rather fabulous dream of his. It seemed he was in good shaped. Something Captain Yami noted the moment he heard him happily sleep talking. Of course that got Yami pretty mad. The boy was pretty much slacking off at this point. At least, at his perspective.

After explaining some things off, Finral finally realized the stakes of the situation, "Captain Vangenance of the Golden Dawn!?"

"That's right." Yami spoke, "Him and Licht were sharing the same body. And nobody knew... maybe except Isabella."

"WHAT!? HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!? And how did Isabella knew of that!?"

"Licht said that William was asleep inside of him... something like that."

"So technically, he was more like possessed?"

"How should I know? Anyways, Goldie guts wasn't the only knight that started behaving that way like a lunatic out of nowhere. Marx and Doctor did too. Even the Prickly Princess is different."

"No way! Captain Charlotte?" He then realized something, "But why didn't Isabella say anything to anyone?"

"Who do you think I am? Physic? It's just my assumption regarding Isabella knowing about William. And as for your question, I doubt Isabella could have told someone about this. Though... if she were to tell someone, then it would have been Julius." His gaze shifted, "And now he's..."

The spatial magic user grimaced, "Lord Julius..."

Yami lit the lighter he holds on with him, igniting his cigarette. He took a deep breath and blew the smoke out, "Obviously a whole lot of crazy stuff went down while you were here taking a nap."

That ticked Finral off, "YOU DO KNOW THAT I ALMOST DIED, RIGHT!?"

"You could say that."

"I am saying that!"

"I was worried."

"Oh sure! Like I can tell!"

"No seriously. I couldn't even get wink of sleep for days."

Finral just groan. Though, it was still hard to tell if his captain was ever serious or not. But he can tell that he was genuinely concerned for him.

Yami then changed the subject, "We're lucky that they didn't take control of you too."

Hearing that, something dawned upon the younger mage, "Hey wait, I wonder if that's what happened to Langris."



Meanwhile back in the dungeon, Asta stood in disbelief as he stared at the newly possessed Golden Dawn mages. At such state he should be running for his life and avoiding them at all cost. But, the fact that they too, his teammates and friends, were also affected by the forbidden spell, it felt agony to the mana-less boy. He cannot accept this. This cannot be happening. This was unreal. Absurd in fact.

He gritted in anger, "What's wrong with you? Tell me!"

No response was given by anyone of them.

'Klaus' adjusted his glasses, "Pease, can't you see that you're nothing but strangers to us now."

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