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Name: Isabella
Status: Alive
Species: Elf/Human
Gender: Female
Affinity: Music and light magic
Age: 15
Constellation: Corona Australis
Height: 151 cm (shorter than Asta)
Blood type: O
Eyes: Dull green (because she's blind)
Hair: Strawberry blonde

Personality: Quiet, cannot easily trust others, less expressive, modest (wears full sleeve dresses and trouser style dresses), mysterious, naïve, intelligent, strategic (in future chapters), does not get angry very easily, skillful.

Likes: Reading and writing, helping the people of the kingdom, spending time with others peacefully, helping her superiors, good people and things, singing, playing with instruments (will be seen in future chapters), changing something bad to good (she herself has no idea what is going on between her, William and Patri), spreading joy around her (something she doesn't do intentionally), solving problems in settling a dispute.

Dislikes: Bad, arrogant people, not trusting others enough, when someone gets hurt, the color red in one's patterns and color(in other words soul), disputes, bragging.

That's all I can write about Isabella... I might do more editing but this is much I can tell...

Thank you!

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