Chapter 9 (A mutual bittersweet feeling)

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Isabella walked in the corridors, after leaving Captain Vangeance's office. She was looking here and there to find the form of Klaus, a senior member who escorted Yuno to his assigned room, as being a member of the squad.

Where is that pattern of the man name Klaus? She mentally thought.

She then came across a form of a tall man with standing hair. She narrowed her eyes, recognizing the Mana. It was a certain man who insulted her with the Captains. It was Alecdora.

His patterns consisted of curves and mountain around him. She thought that his magic would relate to sand itself.

I suppose he has either sand or rock magic. She thought

Alecdora sniffed, "Never thought I'd run into a rat of all things?"

Isabella tilts her head with a smile, "So nice to see that our feeling is mutual as ever, Mister Alecdora Sir."

"Don't get to cocky, blind girl. Just because the captain chooses you, doesn't mean I acknowledge you. You are nothing but a speck of common wealth."

Isabella shows her index finger out, "Correction, I choose him. He simply gives me an offer to be in his squad, like the other captains did" Alecdora's eyes twitched in anger, clutching his hands in a fist, "it's only been few hours and yet here you are disowning me like a rat that you just mentioned. A gentlemen like you, is in no comparison to be called as a human."

"Watch that tongue of yours, bitch-"

"A noble like you is in no place to use such meaningless words either. You should really check that tongue out to a doctor. It might just help you out." She tilted her head, smiling innocently as she placed both of her hands behind her back.

"Why you-"


Isabella blinked in confusion when she heard the scream, "My, it sure is lively today." She muttered.

"Captain Vangenace!" Alecdora rushed to the Captain's office.

"Wait, Captain! That's his scream!" With that, she ran to the office as well.

They reached the office to see the captain on the ground, without his mask on him looking at the mirror, with a shock expression on his face. Beats of sweat visible down his lower face. his mask dropped on the floor next to him.

Alecdora spoke, "Captain, Are you alright?"

William snapped in his dazed look and turn to face Alecdora and Isabella who were standing on the doorway.

William then got up dusted himself, sighing, "I'm alright. I just... tripped."

Isabella raised an eyebrow. Alecdora continued, "Do you need any help? Were you hurt?" He rushed to the Captain, bending down and picking the captain's mask.

William just shook his head, "I'm fine." William took the mask from Alecdora, wearing the mask back.

Alexcdora's lips were parted in surprise, So this is what the Captain looks like without his mask...

Isabella walked towards the captain, giving a silent stare. William noticed her, gazing down to see her.

Alecdora glared, "You can go to your room. Your service is no longer required."

Isabella then took the captain's left hand, seeing a purple bruise make on the wrist.

Alecdora's eyes widened, "Sir!"

"It's alright... it's just a little sprint" Isabella spoke, she brought her right hand down to the scratch, "Light magic: Healing light particles."

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