Chapter 18 (Those who protect: part 1)

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"Miss magic Knight, please help us..."

The little girl holds onto Noelle's dress in tears, looking straight in the royalties with tears of fear. She could only feel herself be petrified in this situation.

Noelle's mouth parted in surprise and realization, a small hope forming within her heart, this little girl is looking me in the eye, begging for help. I HAVE TO PROTECT HER.

Noelle's grimoire began to glow blue. Isabella smiled in satisfaction. She succeeded in making this girl believe in herself.

Noelle's Grimoire began to flip pages into an empty one, chants of spell being written. That looks like a new spell!

"Water creation magic: Sea dragon's layer."

Noelle hit her hands on the floor, making the water barrier big, protecting the inhabitants and the magic knights. The villagers watch in surprise and awe. The barrier of water whirling around them, getting bigger and bigger.

Isabella smiled as she kept the light barrier around the villager at the black bulls, "A Grimoire evolves along with its owner..."She spoke to particularly no one, "New spells appearing as the mage goes stronger. This growth chiefly refers to the increase of magic power through training or to improve the handling of said magic power."

Around the barrier, a dragon roamed around, surfacing from the outside of the barrier. It was either shown to protect the inhabitants or made to frighten the mages who were outside.

Isabella let go of her barrier, after conforming that the icicles won't hurt anyone now. She walked towards the others, still mumbling to herself, "However..." The icicles just got absorbed in the water barrier not harming anyone, "It may also occur in cases of heightened or altered emotions, or accompanied great determination."

Noelle stood strong at her place, "I will protect them! I am royalty. What's more, I'm a member of the Black Bulls!"


The water barrier made from a whirlpool with a dragon like creature swirling around the barrier remained intact.

The little girl stared up at Noelle and Isabella as they stood strong and protectively, "You both are amazing!"

Heath used his ice fangs on the shield, only for the fangs to be absorbed in the water. The villagers cried in fear due to the sounds.

Noelle grinned, "Well, that wasn't so difficult after all."

Isabella placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "I knew you can do it."

Man, that's one serious bound! He turned to Noelle, Isabella's hand was no longer on her shoulder, "See, you'll never know what you are capable of until you are willing to give it a try."

Heath gave a surprised look, "That's impossible, how can she have so much power!"

Isabella noticed Asta as he had an intense glare, comparable to a wild beast, she smiled, "Looks like the beat in here is right on the side lines... waiting for his chance... "She muttered to herself.

He grabbed onto his sword, "Too strike..." Isabella again spoke quietly.

Asta charged out of the barrier with his anti-magic sword, "And to seize his enemy by the throat." He successful got out from it.

Asta aimed the sword on heath, remembering the words that the man spoke to him.

Consider yourself, you have enough magic power to join the magic knights

Asta gritted his teeth, "I don't have a single drop of magic power!" he hit heath on the chest with his large sword, the man was flying off by the impact, "BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! I'LL STILL DESTROY YOU!"

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