Chapter 38(The Dream Glamour World)

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"What's wrong? You've been spacing out a little too much. You've been recently making me worry as well. Are you sure you're not sick?" he placed a hand on her forehead, checking if she was having a fever.

"I'm alright Licht. It's just..." A sigh escaped.

"What is it?"

"It's a wonderful day, honestly. And I feel like something terrifying will happen in the wedding."

"Why do you say that?"

"I don't know, just feel like something bad will happen. And I can't do anything to stop this feeling in me. As the day goes on... it feels like that it will eventually happen."

"Isabella... calm down, dear. It's not good for your health to think in such a manner. I know you feel terrified. Maybe this feeling in you is growing only because you are just anxious."


"Anxious about the fact that a new beginning will come soon. Where elves and humans will be living in harmony. This feeling you are feeling, It's is excitement and anticipation."

"Is that what I feel?"

Licht nodded" it is indeed."

Isabella still wasn't sure a she casted her glance away from the elf.

Licht sighed; "How about this..." He brought his pinkie out, "Let's make a promise. I keep myself save until the entire wedding is over. And I can grantee that nothing bad will happen."

"You promise?" She asked.

Licht nodded with a smile, "I promise." He helped her out with her pinkie and joined each other's finger together. "This is my promise to you."

Isabella smiled, "Alright."

"Now, I want you to promise me something as well." Licht gave a playful smirk.

Isabella blinked in confusion, "Me? What's that?"

"If I somehow fall. And I mean fall to doom or something like that. I want you to help me or catch me before I fall."

Isabella's eyes began to wide.

"And in return, I'll do the same for you. If you fall, I'll catch you." Licht cleared his thought, a small blush forming, "That is if you want to-"

"I would definitely catch you if you somehow fall. If anyone falls."


A broom flew above the clouds with a lone mage standing on it. Passing by one of the clouds, Isabella was shown looking straight as she was shown, flying from the broom with her legs in v shape and her hands crossed together.

Apparently it was her day off with the exception of her Captain, who noticed as she carried out all of her duties responsibly without any complain. It was best for her that she had one day off. Isabella of course took this opportunity to visit a place where she planned to go a long time ago.

And with William knowing about it... he immediately urged her to go there before, she would chow him down for good.

She soon reached her destination as she landed on the ground. She got off her broom and looked ahead. Above the building was a symbol of a peacock in lilac.

Her previous conversation with Dorothy ranged within her mind.


"This was about few days ago before the dungeon incident when this happened. In my dream I saw two figures; one was purely dark green while the other was white."

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