Chapter 17 (Suassy Village invasion)

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The silence was giving every single soul dread. Isabella remained tall on her feet, looking at her opponent with her visionless eyes. The man in blue robes could only gap at fear and disbelief. The followers also quivering by the girl.

The barrier died down. The blind girl turned towards the old man protecting the people. She smiled at him, helping him on him foot to stand.

"Are you alright, Sir?" Isabella asked with a kind smile.

The man gave an exhausted smile, "Yes, thank you for coming." He turned to the little children behind him, "See kids..." He gave a reassuring smile, "The Magic Knights would come to save us." The little ones smiled with relieve at their grandfather.

The ice mage composed himself frowning, "Enough with this nonsense." His Grimoire flipped pages, "Ice magic: Cage of infinite hail."

Icicles appeared above the town's people as they look above them. Everyone quarried in fear. A woman hold onto her child, some kids hold onto each other, few individual braced themselves. Isabella just moved her face, looking straight at the ice mage.

He huffed, "Kill them."

The icicles begin to descend down on them. Isabella just stared at the man.

"Do something!" The old man shouted at Isabella.

Isabella just stared at the man in silence. Before anyone can be hurt...

"Timed explosion scattershot!"

A loud explosion with fire was shot out at the icicles. The icicles were dissipated into small pieces. The people were saved, for now. The people turned to notice a man wearing a black bull robe. Behind him were a girl and boy around fifteen.

The short blind girl turned to notice the three new figures that came to the scene. Two whites and one grey. However, she recognized one of the white souls.

Isabella smiled, "Hello Asta!"

Asta gave out a confused gasp, "Hey Isabella!" He awed at the girl. His head band now was black with a black bull symbol on it.

"Who's that Asta?" The girl next to Asta asked.

"Oh Noelle, that's Isabella." He smiled with confidence, "We both met at the entrance exam."


Isabella took notice of the girl that came with Asta. She can see the patterns fitted for a royal. In fact, they resembled that of captain Nozel of the silver eagle squad. Unlike Nozel who have wavy line of mercury around his patterns, this girl had curly patterns resembling that of water. At her chest was a symbol in blue, of a dragon, roaring.

The spiky haired man approached the villagers, "Don't worry, people. We are here."

"It's the Black Bulls."

"About time you came." The old man spoke.

"Hey old man!" The spiky hair man greeted the old man, who was also the chief of the village.

The spiky haired man, whose name is Magna glared at the ice mage, "Are you the one whose responsible for all of this!?"

His hand watch clicked at twelve. He groaned in annoyance, "You've thrown out my schedule. I don't appreciate that. Ten seconds from now, everyone here will die." He flipped the pages of his Grimoire, creating a huge ice oval shape ball with its front pointy. At instantaneous speed it hurled towards the group of people. Again the villagers began to quarrel in fear.

Magna gritted his teeth, damn, I don't have enough power! The villagers behind him braced themselves in fear.

From behind, Asta charged forward with his big anti-magic sword, Asta... magna thought as he looks at the anti-magic boy.

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