Chapter 46 (Who is the Traitor?)

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Isabella was heading to the Royal Capital to report to the Wizard King Julius of her arrival. Yesterday, she got an invitation from the Wizard King himself to come and meet him along with her Captain. Isabella, by William's permission, went first to report her presence while William comes late.

With her long, wavy strawberry blonde hairs, tied in a waterfall mermaid braid, she soon reached the palace where she spots Asta and Captain Yami. Just at first glance she recognized Asta's calm curvy patterns and Yami's interestingly strange patterns, resembling that to his dark magic. Magics like Asta's and Yami's intrigued her. But at the same time, it made her concerned for their well being.

But despite all that, she knew one thing for sure.

There magic is never giving up!

Isabella smiled, waving to them, "Asta! Captain Yami!"

Asta looks at Isabella's direction following with captain Yami, "Oh, hey Izzy!" Asta waved with sparkly eyes.

"Oh, it's Tinkerbelle."

Both Isabella and Asta blinked at the name, "Tinkerbelle?"

"It means that you are even more of a shrimp than Asta."

"Come on, Captain Yami, Sir!" Asta pumped his fist in defence of Isabella, "She's different from us. Besides she's blind! At least show some respect!"

Yami then gave a death glare, eyes glowing red, "Are you trying to command me?" Asta was sweating, "Remember I'm your captain." He began to grip Asta's head who just yelped in fright.

Isabella just giggled, "It's alright Captain Yami and Asta." Yami lighten his grip, still holding Asta, "I really don't mind the name."

"You better do something with that height of yours. Doesn't your captain feed you much?"

"Oh no, the Captain Vangeance feeds me perfectly fine. It's just me who does a lot of things at one time. Honestly, I kind of lose track regarding eating."

"Geez kid. You better eat more. Otherwise you won't be able to take dumps in the bathroom."

Isabella just gave out a nervous laugh.

"Thank you for waiting."

They trio turned to see a man in light blue. His hairs were the same color as his light blue cape. His hair was that like a shape of a mushroom.

"Welcome Captain Yami Sukihiro of the Black Bulls and Asta." He then turned to Isabella, "And Isabella of the Golden Dawn squad."

"Hello good sir." Isabella gave a light bow.

"Sorry but, who are you?" Asta asked.

"Right, we've never talked before." The man fondly smiled, "I suppose I should introduce myself. How rude."

"This here is Mushroom Head." Yami said, making Isabella sweat drop.

"Thank you Captain, I'm Mushroom Head." The man then realized what he just said, "That was impolite and uncalled for sir! My real name is Marx and it is an honor to serve the Wizard King's side."

"And it's an honor to be at your presences, Marx sir." Isabella bowed again.

"Thank you, dear girl." Marx smiled.

"The Wizard King?" Asta awed, "Wow Mushroom Head, that's amazing!"

"Well it certainly isn't dull anyway and your Captain was only joking. My name is Marx not Mushroom Mead.

"It's been real fun chatting with you, Mushroom Head." Yami lazily said as he took his cigarette out of his mouth, "Now where is the meeting?"

Marx was getting irritated, "My. Name. Is. Marx. Sir. Preparations are going to take a bit longer. Please wait with other Captains." He then looks at Isabella and Asta, "Now, Asta and Isabella. You too come with me."

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