Chapter 19 (those who protect: part 2)

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Heath Grice opened his eyes, only to feel himself be bonded by Magna's flam binding magic. Along with him on either of his side were his other three followers, with the same fate as him.

"Hey, about time you woke up, you jerks" Magna commented as he, along with Asta, Noelle and Isabella stood with him. He then pointed at him, "And now, we just gotta wait until my power gets back. When it does, crazy cyclone is honing you to the capital." Magna looked furious, despite wearing those glasses. Why wouldn't he be? This village was his home after all, "You're gonna pay for what you did. You'll spend the rest of you lives making up for what you did today."

This spell of his appears to be blocking my magic. Heath thought as he looks at the flaming binds.

"You guys are going to spill everything." Magna again scolded, "Who you people are, what you're after. The magic knights are gonna get every scrap of information out of you!"

"They will not. "Heath said, catching Magna's attention, "The end time is upon us..."

Isabella blinked until her eyes widen, through the blind girl's visions, his color was changing from his stomach, turning purple, "No don't!"

But it was too late, he already activated it. The magic expanding further.

Is holding a magic item? Magna thought to himself.

"Engaging ice magic: ice burial."

The four unknown mages covered themselves into ice. After a few seconds, it shattered into million piece, disappearing like they never existed.

Heath's Grimoire that magna was holding began to disintegrate, turning into dust of magic.

"Were they willing to go that far?" Magna asked in astonishment, asking nobody, "That's gotta be some serious loyalty to someone..."

Noelle just give a bewildered look. This was probably something she was looking at for the first time.

Asta gritted his teeth in anger, "What was he thinking? Treating live like it's something to throw away? Like death is nothing? I'll never understand these people! Not in a million years!"

"There is no need to understand such people. "Isabella spoke, making Asta turn to her, "Those people care for the suffering of others. They are nothing but psychopaths. This suffering... is like an addiction to them. Whatever windows they had in order to understand... are all but closed. That's why it's better to just forget about them... and pray for their afterlife..."

The only thing that remained at heath's place was his analogue stopwatch which now had a crack.


The sun was setting in the Suassy village. Seihi stood at the cliff looking at the sunset. His grandchildren next to him on either sides, holding onto his hands.

The black bulls and Isabella stood behind them from a distance, watching the trio with a small smile.

Seihi turned with his grandchildren, facing the magic knights, "Today sure was a rough day..."Seihi spoke, "Never thought it would end well."

Manga just smiled, "Yeah old man..."

"You fought so bravely elder. "Isabella spoke as she gave a light bow, "As a chief you did your best to protect your people. Not even nobles are as heroic as you are, good sir."

Seihi just rubbed the back of his head, giving a nervous laugh, "It was nothing, really."

"Come on, old man!" Magna snickered, "Give some credit to yourself. Captain Yami would be damn happy to hear that. He would be laughing all day."

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